Laptop StandIt’s never a good idea to spend too long hunched over a desk staring at a laptop screen.

Poor posture where the laptop is too low in front of you and not easy to see can result in neck, shoulder, hand, and back pain.

That’s where keeping your laptop elevated comes in and with the best laptop stands it’s possible to arrange your computer in a way that your posture and health will benefit from.

Along with a mouse and dedicated keyboard a laptop stand will help you to work longer without getting a cramped neck, stiff fingers, or an aching back from doing so much hunching.

It also helps to prevent your device from overheating during process intensive periods like when you’re editing videos or photos or watching a movie in high definition.

I want to start off this post with my recommendations for the best laptop stand and at the end you’ll find out the benefits of using them as well as the specific one I chose to use on a regular basis.

In A Hurry? This Is The Best:

Bestseller No. 1
Nulaxy Laptop Stand, Ergonomic Aluminum Laptop Mount Computer Stand, Detachable Laptop Riser Notebook Holder Stand Compatible with MacBook Air Pro, Dell XPS, Lenovo More 10-15.6" Laptops - Space Gray
  • 【Broad Compatibility】 Nulaxy C3 Laptop Stand is compatible with all laptops from 10-15 6 inches such as MacBook 12/ 13 MacBook Air 13 Macbook Pro 13/ 15 Google Pixelbook Dell XPS HP ASUS Lenovo ThinkPad Acer Chromebook and other notebook PC computer sizes between in 10-15 6 inches Note IT IS NOT DESIGNED for 17” LAPTOP but (ASIN B077B9W343) is perfect for 10-17 3'' Laptops
  • 【Ergonomic Riser】 The MacBook stand works as a raiser to elevate the laptop screen to 6’’ for a perfect eye level fixes your posture and help to reduce neck pain back pain and eye strain Creating extra space and to work more ergonomically Note You may feel the stand wobbling while you are typing on laptop keyboard we strongly recommend to use this stand with an external Bluetooth Keyboard and mouse )
  • 【Sturdy & Protective】 The laptop computer stand is made of premium 5mm aluminum alloy which is quite sturdy supports up to 8 8 lbs (4kg) weight on top with large rubber pads on the top surface to hold your laptop stable in place and maximum protect your device from any scratches and sliding
  • 【Detachable & Simple Installation】 This computer stand for laptop can be conveniently disassembled into 3 parts for compact storage You can easily reassemble it again with one step installation
  • 【Heat Dissipation】 Aluminum alloy material acts as thermal pads to helps the cooling your laptop The forward-tilt angle and open design offers great ventilation and airflow to prevent your notebook from overheating

This Laptop Table is one of my favorite laptop stands and I’ve used it for the past few years without any issues at all.

It’s made from a strong aluminum alloy that’s not only sturdy but also lightweight and although this stand isn’t as portable as some of the others it’s still light enough to carry between home and office or just move it around the home.

This stand is capable of holding laptops up to 17 inches in size and it even comes with a mouse holder so it can be used to quickly turn a table into a standing desk while still providing a comfortable position to use the mouse.

Depending on the keyboard you’re using it’s possible to fit the keyboard between the two legs of this stand and I’ve also used it on the couch and on a coffee table to make for a better position to watch movies or YouTube videos.

One of my favorite features with this option is the fact that it can be adjusted and locked into a variety of different angles depending on your preferences in regards to where you want your laptop positioned.

It’s a bit tricky at first when it comes to finding a suitable position but after a few practices tries it becomes a lot more straightforward at how to arrange it into your preferred position.

Despite its larger size I would still recommend this Laptop Table and it’s the one I ultimately settled on my hunt for the best laptop stand for my MacBook.

Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand

The Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand is actually the model that my girlfriend settled on to use for her MacBook Pro and although it doesn’t offer the same adjustment capabilities as the previous one I just mentioned this stand still makes for a great choice to use with a laptop.

There are two models of the Rain stand, one without a swivel base and one that comes with a swivel base, and since I’ve only used the one without a swivel base that’s the one I’ll be talking about right now.

This stand is in a fixed position but it still helps to bring a laptop closer to eye level and results in better overall ergonomics when combined with a keyboard and mouse.

It’s made from a single piece of aluminum and with the laptop on top it’s quite stable and there are even 4 rubbery pieces that help to keep the laptop in place when it’s being used.

As for the laptops that can be used, my girlfriend uses it with a standard 13 inch MacBook Pro and I would recommend it for laptops up to 15 inches and size, although it could work with bigger ones because it’s quite stable and well built.

The tilt design of this stand allows for the screen to be adjusted depending on your preferences and it also helps to improve the airflow around the laptop which keeps it cool during processor-intensive uses.

Another unique feature of this stand is that there is a keyboard stash area where you can place a keyboard when it’s not being used to help clear up space off the desk and there’s even a hole at the back base of the stand that cables can be run through for neat and better organization.

I would definitely recommend checking out the Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand if you’re looking for the best laptop stand for MacBook Pro computers or if you want one that’s a sturdy and streamlined design that looks cool on a desk.

Griffin Technology Elevator Laptop Stand

The Griffin Technology Elevator Laptop Stand is a very basic stand that takes advantage of a simple designed while still elevating the laptop a few inches off the ground for better posture and to increase the amount of available working space on a desk or table.

With this stand it’s possible to elevate a laptop screen up to 5.5-inches off the desk which helps with posture and extended use, especially when combined with a dedicated keyboard and laptop.

It also helps to keep the laptop cool due to more air circulation around the device and I find it to be well suited for laptops up to 15-inches.

The stand itself comes apart quite easily so it can be put away when not in use or moved between different locations.

For added stability and to prevent the device from slipping when in use there are non-slip pads on the bottom of the stand which give it a slightly forward elevation as well as pads on the top that help keep the laptop in place.

CRANE Stand Plus

Although the CRANE Stand Plus is designed for DJ’s I also found it a suitable choice to use with a laptop just on a desk or home office.

I really like this stand because it’s very adjustable and allows for a variety of different angles for a laptop to be positioned depending on how you’re sitting and the overall height of the workspace desk you’re using.

It’s also very durable and features a steel frame that help to keep the unit sturdy when being used and aluminum knobs and levers make for easy adjustments .

The stand even comes with a traveling bag and folds down into a streamlined shape so it’s quite portable and can be brought between a home office, workplace, or even a coworking space to use.

Finally, one of my favorite things about it, apart from the fact that it elevates the laptop to a suitable height for better posture, is the fact that a keyboard and dedicated mouse can be used in conjunction with the stand for a much better laptop working layout.

Steklo X-Stand

The Steklo X-Stand is well suited for both Macbooks and PC laptops and is able to fit a device anywhere in size from 12-inches to 17-inches in size.

The stand itself is made from a sturdy aluminum and can actually be folded down into a smaller size that makes it much more portable, lightweight, and easy to travel with or bring between different locations.

With the X-Stand the choice is yours when it comes to using a dedicated keyboard but the positioning of the stand keeps the laptop keyboard close to the desktop and slants it upwards which makes it easier to type and puts less strain on the wrists.

To fit a laptop the legs can actually be expanded and the width can be adjusted to give an ideal fit regardless of the device you’re using, as long as it fits the 12-inches to 17-inches dimension.

Laptops will also benefit from a cooler running temperature as this stand helps to elevate them off the ground and ensures an improved air circulation.

While I prefer the options I’ve listed above as they’re easier to use with a keyboard the X-Stand is a very portable option and is still a suitable choice at raising the screen level and helping with posture.

HIRALIY CH019 Aluminum Rise Laptop Stand

The HIRALIY CH019 Aluminum Rise Laptop Stand is a lightweight stand that works well with MacBooks and is suitable for many 13-inch laptops.

Not only does it work with laptops but it can also be used with a tablet and there’s even a small spot where a smartphone can be placed so you can keep an eye on texts and calls while you’re working.

The stand can be adjusted to a variety of different angles depending on your preferences and this is suitable when it comes to choosing a comfortable viewing angle.

On the back there’s even a little plastic piece that can be used to keep cords organized and once folded down this stand becomes quite portable.

Thanks to the angle that can be set it’s possible to use this stand in conjunction with a keyboard and mouse for a much better posture position.

Rolodex Mesh Workspace Laptop Stand

The Rolodex Mesh Workspace Laptop Stand is a simple and lightweight mesh stand that boasts a sturdy construction and is well-suited for elevating a laptop screen for more optimal viewing.

It’s possible to adjust the height of the stand platform, depending on your viewing preferences, and the mesh design encourages airflow and helps to keep devices cool.

The laptop is kept in place with two place-holders at the bottom edge of the stand and it’s possible to use this in conjunction with a dedicated keyboard and mouse for even better posture and more comfortable computer use.
It can even be folded down when not in use to clear up desktop space, but unfortunately I don’t find it to be that portable or easy to travel with so it’s a suitable choice for an office or home workspace.

iCraze Adjustable Laptop Stand

It was the iCraze Adjustable Stand that I stumbled onto during my search for the best laptop stand for bed use and I would recommend checking it out if you’re looking for one to use while you’re laying in bed or on the couch.

It’s an adjustable stand that can be adjusted into a variety of different positions and I find it suitable to use in bed or on the couch because of the wide base it has.

Surprisingly (at least to me) it even comes with built-in fans that are USB powered and help to keep laptops cool while they’re being used.

To adjust it you simply need to push in the small locking mechanism at the end of the leg joint and move it until it’s at your desired position.

Make sure that both the sides match so that’s not wobbly and offers enough stability.

The Benefits of Using a Laptop Stand

Many people when using a laptop tend to hunch over and, due to a smaller keyboard, pull their shoulders in and neck down to type and use a trackpad.

Apart from using a separate keyboard and mouse, a laptop stand helps to improve posture while using a laptop and makes it much more enjoyable to use when it comes to the muscles in your back, neck, shoulders, and even eyes.

Some of the common symptoms that people suffer from when using a laptop for an extended period of time include:

  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder soreness
  • Lower back pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Problems with eyesight

Many of these problems are caused by the hunching and poor posture but it’s possible to alleviate these issues with a proper laptop setup that encourages a healthy posture.