The necessity of adequate light is inevitable. Reading in a dim environment may cause damage to your eyes big time and also affect your mood negatively. So, your reading desk should be bright enough all the time. If there is no much natural light, then you should make it a point to invest in a good reading lamp which would help you in reading papers, completing your pending office work, read documents and files comfortably without stressing your eyes.

The best reading lamps are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. You can avail one for your office or home as per your requirement and preference.

These popular reading lamps usually illuminate a limited area and focuses on the point-like your work desk in your home or office. The light focuses well on your work area and helps you to work well. Picking up top desk lamp can perhaps be tricky as they are vastly available in several functions, designs and features.

In A Hurry? This Is The Best:
Best Overall
BenQ Silver Genie E-Reading LED World's First Desk Lamp for Monitors-Eye Care, Modern, Ergonomic, Dimmable, Warm/Cool White-Perfect for Designers, Engineers, Architects, Studying, Gaming
  • WIDE DESK ILLUMINATION: Features advanced lighting technology, curved head and ball joints, the lamp lights up your entire desk (35 inch).
  • ADJUSTABLE COLOR TEMPERATURE AND BRIGHTNESS: The lamp features an adjustment knob to enable you to adjust between cool and warm colour temperatures and control your brightness levels
  • AUTO-DIMMING MODE: The lamp will detect ambient brightness and dynamically adjust to the brightness level for a comfortable work environment all day and night
  • NO GLARE OR FLICKER: Unique design avoids screen glare and delivers a smooth and soothing light without flickering
  • INTUITIVE TOUCH AND CONTROLS: Its intuitive touch and knob controls to enable you to fine-tune every element of your light just the way you want; Color Temperature‎: 2700 ~ 5700 K

The BenQ Genie e-Reading is an especially designed table lamp for your bedroom and this is not only used for the purpose of studying or reading but also for shining the sketch board, for enlightening the family album or while you a lovingly knitting a sweater for your niece.

Your mind and mood keeps altering for different activities during the different time phases in your life. You very much need a proper source of light which has the bandwidth of lighting up different environments. With a knob which can twist or even change the color temperature and brightness, this BenQ lamp is indeed the best desk lamp for reading. This lamp is deemed to be the most versatile one by its users.

Unlike most of the LED lamps, the Genie has got a crescent head which makes it look softer and it is more graceful than a straight plate. This lamp has an aesthetic appeal. There is a bend in the lamp which considerably increases the area of illumination and also allows the emitted light to cover a comparatively wider part of the table. The lamp’s one end is very well decorated with a very beautiful ring and this ring can be very well used for switching on or off the lamp.

You also have the option of activating the mode of Smart Lighting. In this technology, a sensor is being placed which has the capability of detecting the ambient of the room and the adjustment of the light is also possible. The lamp is well-designed in order to work with different kinds of the electronic devices. The light that is emitted by this best desk lamp for reading is well-designed to work with several electronic devices. The light emitted by this lamp is well-distributed and the brightness is more on the sides rather than the center. Thus, the glare that is on the screen minimizes considerably.

In order to receive the right angle for you to work, you have the option of twisting the head around and also you can bend the head either up or down as per your requirement and convenience. Also, you have the option of adjusting the illuminating distance by means of bending the arm where it meets the base.

While the head of the lamp is beautiful and artsy, the arm of this best desk lamp for reading is plain shell. They are function-oriented and at the same time sturdy, simple and quite heavy. The total weight of the lamp is 5.3 lbs. The cord of the lamp is also very tastefully covered with fabric that is braided. It makes it a completely safe item that you can place in the bedroom even if you have small kids at home.

Why to choose BenQ Genie e-Reading?

The following features of the BenQ Genie e-Reading lamp gives us good reasons to opt for this lamp.

  • World’s very first lamp built with the sole purpose of e-reading– This lamp’s one if the most prominent feature is the wide lighting up of a range of 90 cm which is 150% wider than the conventional lamps. They are equipped with an intelligent control which helps in detecting the luminance of the concerned environment. This lamp also delivers the best light which balances the contrast glare. This lamp is tailor-made in order to provide the best brightness and color temperature that is suitable for the various scenarios as per your customized requirements.
  • You can now enjoy stress-free e-Reading– While the process of reading on the screens offer us immense entertainment and convenience the requirements for the right level of lighting for screen reading has been met with the introduction of this wonderful lamp. Due to the contrast and reflection glare that is caused due to unadjusted lighting, it causes certain amount of discomfort for the reader’s eyes. Thus, in order to do away with these problems, BenQ has come up with a solution of illumination that enhances the experience of e-Reading.
  • Iterative design– There has been a lot of diligent effort that has culminated in a single shape which is an arc. This solves all the problems related to lighting. The inspiring and smooth shape resembles a wonderful smile and is very useful for lighting purposes.
  • 90 cm wider lighting range as per your want– The Smile Curve Technology very efficiently lights up to 90 cm range which is effectively 150% wider as compared to the typical lamps that are available in the market. They can very well achieve the luminance of 500 lux at your reading desk. This lamp can very well illuminate your reading space evenly and also with the much desired wider spectrum.
  • Facilitates smart & intelligent e-reading– One touch of the ring can very well activate the e-Reading mode. There is an in-built sensor with ambient lighting. This detects the light of the reader’s environment and also  6i5
  • Tailor-made– All you need to do is to turn on the fantastic rotary knob and with this you can very easily fine-tune the color temperatures and also the brightness in order to suit all your reading requirements. You can opt for the cooler temperature for all your problem-solving tasks. You can opt for the warmer tones if you want to relax.
  • Technology inside and aesthetics outside– There is flicker-free IC in this lamp which very well offers even and constant lighting. There is the presence of light sensor which has the capability of detecting the environment illumination. There is also the curved light that facilitates the widening of the illumination area. The LED which is compiled with the photo-biological regulation of safety which do not harm the eyes under any circumstances.

BenQ Genie e-Reading Pros:

  • The lamp emits pleasant light without any glare
  • There is multiple brightness and warmth
  • There is an extremely heavy base
  • There is a beautiful design on the head
  • CE, UL certified safety

BenQ Genie e-Reading Cons:

  • The design is very plain on the base and arm
  • The price tag is high

Criteria that you should consider while purchasing the best reading lamps

It is necessary for you to choose the right reading lamp as it would be used by you largely every day for various reading purposes. There are two major criteria that you should keep in mind while choosing the top reading lamp. The lamp that you choose should provide bright light and also should have the perfect color temperature in order to build in the right atmosphere.

Role of the perfect color temperature that suits your mood

You must be noticing the ambiance that is created with the help of the right lighting in the high-end medicine outlet or coffee cafes like Starbucks.

There is a shuttle difference between the two kinds of lighting. In the former case, bright and strong light is being used that gives the feel of professionalism whereas in the latter some amber or yellow colored lighting is being used in order to create an inviting and friendly atmosphere.

There is a major significance of the color temperature. You do not require to be a rocket scientist or a psychologist in order to make a perfect buying decision of the right shade of the reading lamp. You just have to determine which the right range of temperature that would create the perfect reading condition for you.

The Perfect Bedroom Reading Lights

When it comes to the reading lamps for bedrooms, one need to ensure that there should not be a reading lamp with extreme brightness. The reason behind the same is that the high intensity light is not suitable in the bedroom environment as it can create confusion in your brain tricking your brain to be false daylight. Before realizing the same, your body will end up releasing a hormone named serotonin that causes difficulties in falling asleep.

For a bedroom, the lighting source should ideally have the luminous flux ranging between 1500-4000 Lumens.

Whether you are intending to read, spend time watching some romantic movies or playing the game of chess before going to bed, there should be an intimate and relaxing environment in the bedroom. The maximum luminous flux should not exceed 3000k and it should not be less than 2700k so that no anxiety or extreme emotions are created.

Perfect Reading Lamp for Bedside

Traditional Table Lamp Urn Two Tone Bronze Off White Bell...
  • 25 1/2" high overall. Shade is 6" across the to x 14" wide x 12" high....
  • Uses one maximum 100 watt standard base bulb (not included). On-off...
  • A traditional design from the Regency Hill brand of table lamps.
  • Two-tone bronze finish. Resin construction.
  • Off-white flared shade with decorative finial. 7-foot long brown cord.

 The reading lamps apart from being a source of light, also very prominently fine tunes the atmosphere and look of the bed room. This reading lamp for the bedrooms shine very efficiently and also acts as a great décor item for your bedroom. The Regency Hills Table Lamp is very much in demand among the high-end users and is highly recommended for its quality and looks.

Each of these lamps are made up of leafs which are decoratively curved and the curvy body looks great. The overall look of this one of the best lamps for reading has got a wonderful wood finish that gives them a traditional and bold feel. The shade of the brownish ivory and deep bronze, matches very beautifully to the other wooden furniture of your bedroom.

Each of these lamps possesses a shade which has more focused area above it. There is a cream shade which gives a romantic and soft glow. If you lit this shade at both the sides of your bed, then you get the feel of moonlight.

As the lamp is placed in a higher position i.e. 76cm or 30 inches, you can enjoy the reading of the books in a convenient and comfortable position. The light that is emitted by this best lamp for reading is sufficient for comfortable reading and can be used in both the instances when you are sitting upright or reclining on the bed. In case of smaller lamps, you often need to adjust your sitting pattern in order to get the beams of the light for reading.

Despite of the good height of this lamp, it can be placed sturdily on the table without occupying much space. The design of this lamp is such that it has a thin profile both on the shade and the body. It can be very comfortably placed on the small tables near your bed. The bedside table can easily accommodate this lamp as well as a couple of your book and probably a cup too.

In order to enhance the intimate feelings and coziness in the space of your bedroom, you need to choose 72 watts halogen bulbs which produce an amber glow or warm light.

Why to choose Regency Hill Table Lamp? 

  • The Regency Hill Table Lamp is a very popular table lamp which is a great fusion of style and function. This design is popularly used on a music stand, piano or as a reading lamp in your work table in office or home.
  • This popular lamp has the capacity of emitting plenty of light and this allows the user to read notes and documents easily and comfortably.
  • This popular lamp has a brass finish with a classy antique look which adds a new dimension to your room’s décor.
  • The popular table lamp has a strong base made up of marble which prevents the lamp from easily toppling over.
  • The lamp is very energy-efficient.
  • This lamp has a guaranteed long life which means that it is the perfect value for money.


  • Good source of light for reading purpose
  • Aesthetic décor
  • Looks classy
  • Affordable
  • Smart design for accommodating on top of narrow bed tables


  • You need to purchase separate bulbs

Perfect Reading Light with facility of wall mounting

Rosslyn Rustic Swing Arm Wall Lamps Set of 2 French Country...
  • Set of 2 plug-in style swing arm lamps. Maximum arm extension of 21"....
  • Lamps use one maximum 60 watt standard-medium base (not included)....
  • Inspired by French country style. Ideal for the bedroom, the study and...
  • Swing-arm design allows you to move the lamp into the desired...
  • Bronze finish. Resin construction. Faux leather shades. Cord cover not...

This is undoubtedly the best reading light which has the provision of being wall-mounted. This lamp is very aesthetic looking and comes with a warm shade. The normal bedroom lamps are most of the times very dim and do not emit enough light for reading. The Rosslyn Swing Arm Lamps are best in terms of design as well as function.

Each of these lamps is made up of metal bodies and carries beautiful nature patterns on them. These nature patterns are very aesthetically covered with bronze finish. It also has a graceful arm which can be adjusted. It reaches out and also slides back in order to ensure there is enough space and also the light focus can be adjusted as per your bedtime activities.

Attached to the lamp is a very aesthetic-looking finish of the French look that has a faux leather shade. This particular shade has a brownish shade and it very well promises to deliver pleasant and warm light. The pair of the shades is very pleasant and warm. The shade of this wall mounted reading lamp very well matches with the metal parts and gives a classic, luxurious and intimate look to this lamp.

Each of these lamps require a halogen bulb of 43 watt and possess the capacity of producing enough brightness so that you can comfortably read papers and novels. In order to ensure that the light emitted by this lamp is completely pleasant to your eyes, you should ideally choose bulbs that possess a temperature in between 2700-3500K. In case you prefer a gentler and softer glow while watching a movie or cuddling in bed, you have the option of turning the lamp dimmer and the intensity of the light can be adjusted.

In order to receive neat and perfect look, the lamp should ideally be hard-wired concealed inside the wall. In case you require a flexible and easier option, you need to simply plug in the lamp in a socket that is near to your bed.

Why to choose Rosslyn Swing Arm Lamps?

The Rosslyn Swing Arm Lamp is high in demand in the market and there are several reasons to choose this lamp.

  • Using the reading lamps for bedroom is a great idea as it is a perfect way of providing light and needless to say the visual flair that is achieved from this lamp is really fantastic.
  • This is a great idea to install this lamp on the either ends of the bed or sofa which ensures optimal lighting for reading as well as other purposes.
  • The installation of this lamp is absolutely easy and flexible and the lamp can be attached to the wall and then it can be operating by plugging in.
  • There is the facility of swing-arm design that very well allows the lamp to be moved in your desired position.
  • This lamp is very well designed and is inspired by the French style. This is indeed ideal for the bedroom in terms of look as well as functioning.


  • This lamp looks aesthetic with a French style finish
  • The arm of this lamp is adjustable
  • The lamp is dimmable
  • It has got a warm colored shade
  • It can either be hardwired or can be plugged


  • Separate bulb needs to be purchased

Perfect Book Light for Reading while in Bed

Book Light with Warm, Cool and Natural — Adjustable Bright...
  • Make no mistake about the color of light that is appropriate for your...
  • The super extended life of the battery charge gives you many hours of...
  • Grabbing the lamp of the book allows you to direct light directly on...
  • Its easily replaceable 1200mAh Lithium (recyclable) battery prevents...
  • When you know you're not going to want to separate yourself from it,...

This is indeed the best book light that can be most conveniently used for reading while you lying on the bed. This best reading lamp for eyes can be used no matter what you are doing in your bedroom. You may use it to read your favorite romance fiction or when you are playing mini chess with your partner or reading out a comic adventure to your child. This mini gadget has the potential of getting used in every moment of coziness as it gives out the most pleasant light during your pleasant moments in the bedroom.

This particular light contains two branches and these two branches work independently or can be used simultaneously as well. You can try out different options of lighting and there are eight options available. You have the liberty of adjusting the shade as per your choice.

This wonderful reading lamp has got two heads and takes around one and half hours of time to charge its rechargeable 1000 mAh batteries fully. Depending on the nature of your usage, the fully charged batteries can last ranging from few days to few weeks. There are also convenient indicators which show the charge status of the battery in this gadget.

The charger head has got two ports. So, you have the option of using the lamp while charging as well. One thing that you should certainly note that this lamp is slightly heavy to clamp it on to your e-reader or book and keep holding the same in your hands for a fairly long interval.

Why to choose Ecologic Mart’s Eye Care Lamp?

  • It emits soft and warm light. The light emitted out does not dazzle.
  • The gadget has got 8 LED lamps and is equipped with three levels of the brightness- High- 20LM, Medium-10LM and Low- 5LM.
  • It is designed for faster charging and it charges quickly within 1- 1.5 hours. The adapter of the gadget comes with 1000mA output and is a perfect fit for the battery in it.
  • It is equipped with 1000mA rechargeable battery
  • It has got a charger which has an additional output of 2.1A.
  • It comes with a good bag to carry the gadget
  • Frosted cover
  • There is double padding which decreases the chances of slipping


  • 8 LED lights
  • 8 different brightness levels
  • Warm light which is eye-friendly
  • Branches which can work independently
  • Rechargeable battery that charges rapidly
  • Warranty of lifetime


  • The lamp is slightly heavy

Reading Light to be fitted on Headboard

Newhouse Lighting LED Clip on Light/Clamp Lamp/Reading Book...
  • High-quality LEDs: Energy saving LED lights provides efficient...
  • Modern style: The sleek, modern, adjustable and flexible metal...
  • Over 100,000+ sold... across black, purple, and blue colors since...
  • Warm Light: LED provides 350 Lumens and 3000K of bright, warm white...
  • Long lasting: LEDs do not need to be replaced (lasting up to 30,000...

The Newhouse lighting clamp light is one of the best reading lamps for eyes. This is undisputedly the best reading light which is designed as clip on the Headboard. This is portable and thus can be used very flexibly. This lamp produces very gentle and warm light but at the same time it also has a specific focused area. Thus, it can be used to read anything without stressing your eyes.

At 300LM, this light is quite sufficient for reading in an environment which has got a dimmer lit environment. As the light emitted by this lamp is very soft, thus your eyes do not have to adjust while you read and pause. This wonderful clamp light is well-designed for maximizing the enjoyment and productivity which is absolutely stress-free. The Newhouse lamp produces light which gives out the enough glow of 3000K. The light is pleasant for the eyes of the readers and also warm enough which is not going to mess at all with your sleep hormone called melatonin. The light emitted is bright enough to let you fall asleep.

This light is equipped with a good sturdy clamp which is around two inches in size. In order to protect the gripped surface, there are six suction cups which are placed inside the lamp. You will certainly appreciate this clamp light once you start using it as it is very flexible and comfortable to use.

When it comes to the design of the lamp, this is absolutely sleek in appearance. This lamp is available in three color shades- bright blue, purple and black. These colors are apt to match with the modern decors and designs of the bedroom decors and interiors.

This light would have been perfect to be used if it would have been equipped with the dimmable function which would have allowed the users either to lure themselves to sleep of continue their fast reading.

Why to choose Newhouse Lighting Clamp Light?

  • This is one of the best quality energy saving LEDs that has the capacity of providing the most efficient non-flickering light which is warm as well as natural. This clearly ensures the top quality enjoyment and productivity to the maximum.
  • The adjustable, modern, sleek and flexible gooseneck made up of metal has the capacity of emitting the right amount of light that is required for reading without stressing the eyes.
  • This popular reading lamp for bedroom is equipped with a strong clamp that allows the user to mount it flexibly and safely on the bedframe, office tables, furniture and nightstands.
  • This best LED reading lamp provides 3000K and 300 Lumens warm and bright light.
  • This lamp is great for users of all age groups whether boys, girls, kids, teens or adults.
  • This wonderful clamp lamp comes with 3 color variants of purple, blue and black.
  • Excellent for university and college students who usually require footprint lights for studying and reading every day.
  • This lamp comes with a LED module which has a super long life of 30,000 hours which never needs to be replaced. The warranty of the product is for 1 year in case there are any manufacturing defects.


  • Sleek design
  • Warm light
  • Clamp with suction cups


  • The dimmable option is missing.

Reading Light Used for Bed Headboard

WalterDrake Headboard Light, Cream, One Size
  • A personal reading bed lamp you can hang in seconds on your headboard
  • Provides soft, direct light right above your reading area
  • A great way to make more space on your bed stands
  • Share the light, hooks let you slide it wherever you want on your...
  • Fits your space perfectly - shade measures approximately 10" wide and...

The WalterDrake Headboard light is undoubtedly the best headboard light available in the market. The good news is that the lazy book lovers end up reading a lot while in the lying position in their beds especially during the lazy and laid-back holidays or during the winters when they are in the lookout for coziness. Often times it happens that the individuals feel very sloshy to even reach out to turn off the lamp while going asleep. So, a headboard light comes as a perfect handy especially if you can relate yourself as a lazy reader who likes to indulge into a lot of reading while in the bed.

As expected for the bed light, the lamp has an ivory shade which is folded and it creates a gentle, warm and while light wherever this lamp is placed and this very well prevents glare. The color and the material of this lamp come in retro design and it very well matches the bedroom decors and styles.

This particular lamp is shaped like a half-moon and has one flat surface which very well remains intact on the headboard of the bed. This very well facilitates the emitted light to shine very evenly on your shoulders and that also without any unintended swinging motion.  This lamp is being very well hung with the help of the wire-coated hooks which are bendable. It can very well fit properly with the 1.5 inches of the thick boards.

As a side sleeper, we really appreciate the movability of this wonderful and best reading lamp for the bed. You do not require to purchase two lamps for each of the sides and there are also absolutely no hassles of plugging and unplugging or even worse the drilling of the new holes on the beautiful walls of your bedroom. As the hooks of the lamp are well-covered in a very smooth material they would not create any visible scratch or even peeling on the headboard.

As this lamp is especially designed for the lazy readers while they are on their beds, there is also a pull chain which can used to switch the lamp on or off. Once you are done with your reading in the late night, you no more have to get out of your bed to switch off the lamp. You can now do it even without moving out of your bed.

Overall, the WalterDrake Headboard Light is an item which undoubtedly possesses great usefulness and value. The things that you should check before the purchase of this headboard lamp are its thickness and height. Moreover, this lamp is not thicker than 1.5 inches and also it has enough height so that it does not touch your head while you are lying down on your bed.

Major features of the WalterDrake Headboard Light

  • Length of the lamp is 11”, width is 8.25”, height is 7” and the cord is of 63”
  • It very well fits the headboards of the beds up to 1.5 inches thickness
  • This is perfect for the purpose of knitting and reading while lying down in the bed
  • A 40-watt of the light bulb is to be used. It has to be purchased separately.


  • This lamp has an esthetic retro style look.
  • The light given out is soft and warm white light
  • There is a handy pull chain which makes its usage easier for the lazy readers.
  • This lamp is flexible to be used, easy to be moved and no special tools are required for the fitting or transferring the location of the lamp.


  • There are chances that this lamp sometimes do not fit in some headboards. So, you need to check this as per headboard’s width while you purchase this lamp.

The perfect Lamps for Reading Nooks

If you have a special room for reading and you are looking for the perfect coziness, imagination and peace for that room, then you actually need to choose the best reading light for your special room. It do not have to expect a fancy chandelier with a lot of the sparkling crystals, then you should look for the best options of the lights which are also the best reading lamps for eyes. The light that you choose very specifically reflects your personality and promoting privacy.

In addition, you also need the soft color and light which helps in enhancing the tranquility in that corner of your house where you relax and read. The colors of the light like white, blue or light green helps in releasing the stress and also helps you in losing yourself in the fictions which you opt to read. For the desired effect, the temperature ranging from 2700 to 4000k that is warm light is absolutely ideal.

Great Floor Lamp Perfect for Reading

Brightech Sparq - Hanging, LED Arc Floor Lamp - Over The...

For the book it sounds heavenly to sounds heavenly to snuggle in the comfy of the chaise lounge with the fluffy pillows, a comfortable blanket and a great book to read. The best reading floor lamps can help you read carefully and also very effectively inspire the readers’ imagination and also sets up a tranquil and cozy atmosphere.

The Brightech lamp looks very unique and is crescent-shaped. There is an arch which looks beautiful and also shines very well. At 2000 Lumens, the light emitted allow the readers to properly read even the smallest printed lines and also the readers can see the steam that appears on the hot cup of tea in the presence of this light. As the head and arm of the lamp takes a humble space in the tiny cozy corner or the reading nook. The very simple design very perfectly allows it to be accommodated in one humble corner of the reading nook. Also, the simple design allows the lamp to be very well-matched with the surrounding decors and furniture.

This lamp has very simple on/off switch which is very convenient to use and is very well-placed in the middle of the cord. This is within a feet’s distance. The lamp does not possess a dimmable function and the light is well designed in order to set the right mood for reading and also the glare is not a problem with this lamp.

Why to opt for Brightech Arc Lamp?

  • Futuristic and stylish curved design– This lamp design has embraces the futuristic mood lighting and has crescent shape. This has got very fine ultra-thin LED light which is a very good source of light on a wonderful metal stand. This standing lamp very conveniently arches over the desks, drafting tables, recliners or sofas and its weighted base very well ensures that the lamp will never tip over. The height of the lamp extends to approximately 67 inches and also adjustable to few inches at the stem curvature in order to achieve the perfect lighting solution for the readers. You can use this best reading floor lamp for writing, reading, studies and artwork.
  • Bright, pleasant light enliven your reading space– The very well illuminated, thin curved design of the lamp has a very attractive curved design and has a floating appearance with the help of the lean frames. It can be bent towards the desk, sofa, work table or the crafting table. The light emitted is of 3,000 Kelvin color temperature and 2000 lumens and thus it is bright enough for working and reading even for the individuals with sensitive eyes. This lamp gives out white and warm light which very comfortably illuminate any part of the office or home.
  • Energy-saving and long-lasting best floor lamp– This lamp includes a very well-designed well-built light with a 15-Watt long-lasting and power-saving LED light source. This is long-lasting and there is no need to replace the bulb once in every few months. The LED light that is fitted in this lamp are manufactured using the advanced LED technology and has a life of more than 20 years without overheating or burning. By adopting this lamp, you can very well save a lot of the energy and money.
  • Easily dimmable– This best reading floor lamp is built in such a way that it has a very convenient dimmer foot petal that is already built within the lamp. There are three lighting levels in this lamp and you can choose to use it in super-bright, soft or ambient mood to get different moods of lighting. This wonderful dimmable feature makes this lamp an absolutely perfect solution for lighting for any particular reading nook.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed as it comes with a warranty– The Brightech lamp extends innovative, creative and very beautiful lighting which has got high-end lighting solution both for your office as well as home. This product is sold in amazon with a 3 years of warranty from the date of purchase. So, the peace of mind is guaranteed if you are purchasing this product.

Pros of Brightech Arc Lamp:

  • It emits warm and gentle light.
  • It has a very pleasant design.
  • This lamp is completely space-efficient
  • The providers of this lamp extend a 3 years warranty which ensures complete peace of mind.

Cons of Brightech Arc Lamp:

  • There are not possible cons reported by the users.

Perfect Pendant Light for Reading Nooks

CLAXY Ecopower Industrial Barn Mini Metal Pendant Light 1...
  • Classic Industrial & Modern Style: classic design with black barn...
  • ETL listed, hard-wired, E26 based, bulb NOT included. The bulb is sold...
  • Height Adjustable: H: 7.2inch, 12.2 inch in diameter; cord adjustable...
  • Shade has an aged, era-appropriate finish to complement the bulb
  • Easy installation: all parts included for easy installation

If you are looking for one of the best reading lamp for eyes in pendant style, then you should certainly consider one of the best models of CLAXY. This Claxy Ecopower pendant lamp comes with a black cord and a beautiful metal shade which is decorated with a metal shade and an aesthetic ivory finish towards the inside.

The paint which is done on the whole of the item is very fine and thus gives it an aesthetic look. This look will certainly provide you with a sense of humility and calmness. When you install this lamp with a 60-100 watt bulb, then you receive a warm temperature of 2700 to 3500K. The light emitted from this lamp gives a gentle glow and makes you feel relaxed and safe. It would certainly help you forget the daily stress and also facilitate you in losing your heart and mind in the beautiful world of books.

With the diameter ranging top 13.1”, this particular lamp very well fits in the space which you have confined yourself as a reading corner in your office or home. As this lamp looks very simple and also classic at the same time, it very well matches the antique as well as the modern decors of your home or office.

Why to opt for CLAXY Pendant Light?

This lamp has some really outstanding features which validates your choice of purchasing this lamp. Some of the major pointers are as follows:

  • This popular and wonderful lamp has a top shade which helps in diffusing the light efficiently.
  • The lamp is provided with a 47.24 inches of plastic cord which is black in color and this gives you the option of customizing the height of the lamp as per your preference of lighting required by you.
  • This lamp is easy to install and all the required parts for the fixture are included in the package when you purchase this lamp.
  • This lamp has the provision of accommodating all standard bulbs which are E26 based.

CLAXY Pendant Light Pros:

  • This lamp looks very classy and has a matching design.
  • This is small-sized and thus can be easily accommodated.
  • The light emitted by this lamp is very calm and helps you in concentrating in your reading endeavor.

CLAXY Pendant Light Cons:

  • The bulb is not provided as a part of the package when you purchase this lamp.

Best Reading Lights Apt for Home Offices

Many of you have been working from your home offices and also require 100 percent concentration and energy as you ought to be alert and sharp for the various challenging assignments and tasks. This is the reason you need the perfect lamps that would emit cool and white light that would help you in concentrating in your work in the best possible manner.

A reading light should necessarily be bright and the brightness level should be ranging in between 3000 to 6000 Lumens. This nature of light is strong enough to very effectively stimulate the creativity and aspiration which you work in your work station. The lamps should not create any glare on your laptop or computer screen and also should not create fatigue to your eyes even after long hours of work. Following are some of the best models of lamps which are apt to be used in the home offices.

Brightech Litespan LED Bright Reading and Craft Floor Lamp -...
  • PERFECT HOBBY OR OFFICE LIGHT: This standing lamp is perfect for the...
  • NATURAL DAYLIGHT LED FLOOR LAMP: It produces 6,000K natural daylight...
  • STURDY AND SAFE, USEFUL FOR KIDS ROOMS: The Litespan’s weighted,...
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED WARRANTY: We proudly stand behind all of our...

If you are a professional who is working from your home office for a long term, you necessarily need to make the arrangements for the perfect work setup which optimizes your productivity and concentration. Opt to place a Brightech Reading Lamp can be a great move towards making your home office a more effective place to work. This is one of the best reading floor lamps that you can place in your home office for the best results.

This lamp is created very well in order to boost the work efficiency of the users and the light which is emitted out of this lamp has a temperature of 6000K. This nature of light is the similar one like the cold crisp light that we usually witness in a sunny day in order to feel jolly, enthusiastic and energetic. Once you feel energetic and inspired, you can very easily get your work done very efficiently and faster.

At 2000 Lumens in terms of brightness, this particular lamp is very much sufficient to very efficiently light up the minutest details that you are working on. You don’t have to bend closer in order to see the figures and tables or the delicate embroidery any more. In case, you prefer a softer glow when you are watching videos in YouTube or surfing net, this popular reading lamp can be adjusted to dimmer mode as well which is indeed a very attractive feature of this product. All you need to do is to simply touch the power button till the time you reach the preferred level of brightness. The next time you opt to turn on the lamp, the lamp is intelligent enough to remember the adjustment.

The Brightech Reading Lamp is considered to be one of the best task lamps in the market and it has the ability of focusing on an area which is as large as your work desk. In order to ensure that you do not have to move the entire thing as you change your position, you also have the option of adjusting the lamp by bending, twisting and customizing the lamp as per your favorite lighting angle. This lamp is a very simple, space-efficient lamp which comes in 5 shell colors. This lamp can very easily match within then modern or traditional interior décor.

Why should you opt for the Brightech Reading Lamp?

There are several great features of Brightech Reading lamp. Some of the major reasons why you should opt for this lamp are jotted below.

  • It provides the bright and perfect light that is suitable for pursuing indoor hobbies. This best reading floor lamp is perfect for the hobby and reading enthusiasts. This lamp will certainly brighten up all your projects with its 6000K cool white LED light that is good enough to see each and every delicate creation. This is indeed a perfect choice for the purposes of reading, crafts and arts, wood working, sewing and several other things. You can also opt to place this lamp in your garage if you want bright light out there.
  • This lamp is energy efficient and long lasting floor lamp. This lamp very well includes a very efficient 12 Watt power LED light is highly energy efficient as well as easy to replace as well. It has an advanced 6000K light emitting capacity which works on the best and latest technology. This is much better than those energy consuming short lived halogens and CFLs which do not provide the optimum light that is as per our expectation. This LED light of the lamp has more than 20 years of life and this light keeps giving service for long years without overheating or burning out.
  • This lamp comes with a functional design and modern style. This light is available in in 5 colors. You can choose the color as per your preference and temperament and by choosing one of these, you will be able to add a very classy and nice touch to your room. The best part is that it is portable and can be easily moved any time whenever you wish. There is a flexible gooseneck in the lamp which can be used to adjust the light depending on the illumination that you require.
  • This popular lamp is completely safe and sturdy. This floor lamp is perfectly weighted and has a high stability base which prevents it from tilting any time. This very well ensures that the pets or kids are not able to knock the same very easily. The LED bulbs which are used in this lamp is very cool and do not overheat even after many hours of continuous use. The soft light which is emitted gives a very pleasant orange glow and this particular gentle light creates a great ambience in your home office or wherever you place it.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase this popular floor lamp from The goal of Brightech is to very well provide the most innovative and creative light with the most aesthetic look with a 3 years warranty. This ensures the complete peace of mind for the buyers.

Brightech Reading Lamp Pros:

  • This lamp gives out the best white and bright light which gives an energetic feel to the users
  • This lamp has the option of adjusting the brightness which is a very preferable option for the users.
  • The bendable neck of this popular floor lamp is a great convenience for the users.
  • The simple design of the lamp looks classy and contemporary.
  • The warranty of 3 years ensures peace of mind for the buyers.

Brightech Reading Lamp Cons:

  • There is a potential radio frequency disturbance or interference which is not desirable.

Floor Lamp for the Home Offices

The TaoTronics Metal Desk Lamp is a sleek and bright desk lamp which has got different colors and brightness. This is indeed the best desk lamp for reading. This is certainly the best choice if you are looking for an efficient reading lamp with an absolutely bright intensity and cool color. The next time you opt to turn on your lamp, it would certainly be shining your favorite shade. In order to minimize the intensity of shadows when you are writing or reading and also to avoid the glare on your computer screen, you should ideally choose the mode with the brightest intensity. The next time you will be turning on the lamp, you would get the much desired vigor to work and your productivity would automatically increase.

The base of this lamp is sleek and neat. As the lamp is very heavy and weighs around 2 kilos, it has the ability of staying firm even if you push it accidentally sometime. Apart from the several lighting options which are available, this light also has 1 hour timer. Set the light to on and off mode and you can take a short break for a walk or a coffee break in order to relax your muscles and eyes. As this table lamp is very well-designed for your convenience, it is also equipped with a USB charger port towards its base. This helps in charging your tablet or phone very conveniently.

Finally, the lamp’s very classy sleek shell made up of black metal and the contemporary design will bring is the much desired professional look to your work desk.

Why to opt for TaoTronics Metal Desk Lamp?

The TaoTronics Metal Desk Lamp has got several great features which give us great reasons to opt for this lamp. These pointers can help you making a buying decision.

  • The lamp has got a beautiful lamp head and arms which are made up of aluminum alloy and plastic which are aesthetic as well as durable.
  • The lamp has a flicker-free, ghost-free and comfortable lighting which creates a great ambience for reading, working and studying. This is pleasant for the eyes and causes less fatigue to the eyes.
  • This best desk lamp for reading is completely energy-efficient and it uses lesser energy for operating. You can end up saving 75% of the power to receive the same level of brightness in your work area which is indeed a great news.
  • These desk lamp made of metal has a very strong base which supports the lamp to sit firmly and do not topple over easily.
  • This lamp is a blend of traditional and modern design which makes it a perfect choice for your home or office.

TaoTronics Metal Desk Lamp Pros:

  • This lamp offers multiple brightness and warmth levels.
  • This lamp is smart to remember the previous settings.
  • This lamp has an adjustable lighting angle for the best results.
  • This lamp has a USB port which can be used for charging other devices.
  • This lamp has a very strong base which prevents this lamp from toppling over easily.

TaoTronics Metal Desk Lamp Cons:

  • There has been no con reported by any user regarding this lamp.

Perfect Desk Lamp with Contemporary Design

Lightblade 1500S by Lumiy (Series 2) LED Desk Lamp with Best...
  • Lumiy Lightblade produce a phenomenal 1500 lux of brightness. The best...
  • Lumiy Lightblade has a color rendering index of 93 CRI. Near to...
  • Dual cool white and warm white LED enable a color rendering index of...
  • Experience huge power, and cost savings through high efficiency, ultra...
  • Omni-directional pivoting head to enable improved control of lighting.

The LED lamps are continually being popular among the masses popularly. The major reason for the same is that they are very energy efficient. The Lightblade 1500S is a great combination of efficient performance and aesthetic looks. One of its major attraction is its omnidirectional pivoting of the head which enables the user to take a complete control over the direction of the light. The bulbs with LED light consume just one watt of power when used in the lowest level of brightness and the energy consumption is just 8 watts when used in the level of maximum brightness. So, you can very well determine that the energy consumption of the lamp is insignificant.

This best lamp for reading has got a convenient USB port which can be used for the charging of the smartphones. This popular desk lamp is also equipped with capacitive sensors which are directly incorporated towards the base of the lamp and is completely touch-friendly. The total level of brightness of this lamp’s output is 90 CRI (color rendering index).  The light is so bright that it is only 10 points lesser than natural sunlight. The CRI very well helps in determining the lamp’s overall ability to significantly display the objects which are desk-based.

This best lamp for reading is of gold standard when it comes to high-end commercial and residential lighting. The universities, Fortune 500 companies, corporate companies, luxury hotels and of course the several households choose this lamp for its efficient performance, contemporary styling and aesthetic design. This lamp also combine the optical drivers of highest efficiency and best composite housings in order to create the best lighting units which achieve the highest levels of lighting performance and also the great modern looks which suits interior décor of any kind. The light that is emitted from this lamp has sharp and vibrant colors which create the best ambience in your office or work space at home.

Why to opt for Lightblade 1500S?

There are several good reasons to opt for the Lightblade 1500S. Some of the great reasons are as follows:

  • Lightblade 1500S very significantly integrate the most advanced technology in order to deliver the most efficient light quality, brightness and also the best energy efficiency. This lamp produces the cool white and warm white color tones which render a rich index of 93 CRI and a brightness level of 1500 lux.
  • The brightness and temperature can be very well adjusted by the help of capacitive sensors which are placed at the base of the lamp.
  • There is an USB slot towards the base of the base of the lamp which can be very conveniently used for the charging of the various devices like tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • The users of this lamp would experience the seamless huge power and also the cost savings due to its characteristic of high energy saving.
  • The lamp has a facility of omni-directional pivoting head which enables this best lamp for reading to improve the control over the lighting.

Lightblade 1500S Pros:

  • This lamp has the best in class output of light.
  • It has a great brightness level of 93 CRI which gives the users the bright light that is as perfect as natural sunlight.
  • This great desk lamp emits both warm white as well as cool white light which is of great quality and is suitable while you are working at your work station in your office or home.

Lightblade 1500S Cons:

  • No con has been reported regarding this product.

Best Desk Reading Lamps

Koncept AR3000-C-MBK-DSK Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp, Cool Light,...
  • 9.5 watt/12V desk lamp with 4500K cool white LED and 9" tip-resistant...
  • Aluminum housing for light weight and resistance to corrosion
  • Built-in touch strip dimmer and multiple dimming levels for adjusting...
  • Lamp head swings and rotates and dual arms swing and pivot for...
  • 10' cord with plug and transformer for resistance to unstable voltage

The Koncept AR300-C is a very popular LED lamp with a well-designed nine-inch base and 9.5-watt bulb. There are 42 LED lamps which are being held in the perfect place by the help of the aluminum construction which also provides a right feeling of durability. For the purpose of better positioning, there is a 16.15 inch lamp that rotates and swings. The 15.13-inch top lamp and the 16.42-inch lower arms which both rotate and very efficiently pivot to work together in order to find the exact angle that is required for the right lighting. Once you manage to find the right spot. The best part is that the lamp is very durable and the user can easily enjoy 50,000 hours which is nearly 2083 days of use if you use the lamp 24X7 in these many days. There is also a touch-based switch that helps in adjusting the dimmer and brighter shades as per the lighting requirements of the user.

This best table lamp for reading has the desired feel and look of quality that makes it absolutely popular among the upscale user bases globally. It appears very sleek. The rods appear to be metal and are sturdy. The amount of light expected from a standard table lamp is getting rather high, so this lamp can be purchased with the vision of providing enough focused light for the purpose reading. The quality appearance helps it not look out of place among the antiques with which it sits. The color and sleekness very well help it blend in with its surroundings.

Why to opt for Koncept AR300-C?

The Koncept AR300-C has got several enticing features which makes this popular table lamp an absolutely desirable one. Some of its major features are jotted below:

  • This lamp has aluminum housing for the purpose of light weight and also this makes the lamp resistant to corrosion.
  • This popular desk lamp comes with the configuration of 9.5 watt/12V which emits 3500K warm white light.
  • There is a built-in-touch strip dimmer. This dimmer can be used for switching to multiple dimming levels and also for adjusting the intensity of the light.
  • The head of this lamp rotates and swings and thus very convenient to use in terms adjusting the focus of the light as per the user’s requirement.
  • There is a 10’ cord along with a plug and also a transformer which protects the lamp by providing the required resistance to the unstable voltage.

Pros of Koncept AR300-C

  • This lamp is very energy efficient.
  • The lamp is built using the latest LED technology which gives it a very long life.
  • The lamp’s head has the power to rotate and swing which helps in adjusting the focus of the emitted light.
  • There is a 10 inches cord which is attached with the lamp and helps in the flexible installation of the lamp.
  • There is a dimmer facility in the lamp which helps in adjusting the several dimming levels in the lamp.

Cons of Koncept AR300-C

  • No con has been reported by any user.

The most versatile desk lamp

BYB E430 Metal Architect LED Desk Lamp, Swing Arm Task Lamp...
  • Exclusive Eye-protection Technology: Innovative LGP (light guide...
  • Energy-Saving and Eco-friendly Lighting: High-efficiency 144 LEDs use...
  • Highly Adjustable Clamp Lamp: Memory function for 4 lighting modes...
  • High-end and Solid Design: Made from premium aircraft-grade...
  • What You Get: BYBLIGHT E430, UL listed AC adapter, metal clamp, user...

This popular desk lamp has a swinging arm which very efficiently offers the desired functional lighting. The lamp is very solidly and uniquely designed. Featuring of the versatile and adjustable clamp adds an edge in focusing the emitted light correctly. There is also a memory function in this lamp for the different lighting modes. There are six different dimming modes which are programmed in this lamp which is absolutely versatile. You can use the dimming modes to suit your various moods. There is a specialized touch panel which has been incorporated in this lamp which help the users to very conveniently adjust the dimming levels. There are 144 LED bulbs used in this lamp which emits absolutely bright light energy-efficiently. The LED bulbs are more energy-efficient as compared to the conventional bulbs. The lifespan of this wonderful LED lamp is fairly more than 50,000 hours which ensure the right value for money.

Beyond the factor of energy-efficiency, this particular lamp also helps mightily protecting the user’s eyes with the help of an incorporated innovative guide panel. This helps in preventing the flickering of the light and also the unwanted & harmful glares. All in all, this futuristic design of the lamp ensures much lesser fatiguing experience.

The lamp has a rotating base, a wonderful double-hinged arm and also a swiveling LED panel that ensure you can shine a light on anything very efficiently. The solid and high-end   design is made from the premium aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy with high quality and sleek brushed finish. We vouch that this is exactly the best table lamp that you really want and you ever had! There is the presence of the portable clamp which has the power of getting easily fixed to any desk top.

If you are purchasing the BYBLIGHT E430, you also receive a UL listed AC adapter, a metal clamp, a completely simple and easy-to-follow user manual, the worry-free 18-Month Warranty and Lifetime Friendly Customer Service which makes this lamp an obvious choice.

Why to opt for BYB E430 lamp?

There are several great features which gives you obvious reasons to choose this versatile desk reading lamp. Some of the major pointers are jotted below:

  • This lamp is energy-efficient and at the same time eco-friendly as the advanced LED technology has been used to design this lamp.
  • The brightness of the light emitted by this lamp is very high and optimum for the eyes.
  • The light emitted by this lamp is absolutely glare free.
  • There is an exclusive eye protection technology which has been incorporated in this lamp which ensures that your eyes are absolutely safe. This also ensures that the light emitted is more pleasant and results into less fatigue.
  • The lamp supposedly has a life of more than 50,000 hours which ensures the complete value for the money that you spend on this lamp.
  • There are six dimming levels in this lamp and thus you can conveniently adjust the dimming level as per your mood.

Pros of BYB E430 Lamp

  • This light is completely energy-efficient and helps in saving 80% of the power.
  • The lamp is equipped with 144 high efficiency LED lamps which ensures great brightness.
  • The double-hinged arm and the rotating base ensures that the lamp is completely flexible.
  • The smaller carbon footprint left by the lamp ensures that it is completely eco-friendly.
  • There is Lifetime Friendly Customer Service and 18- Months warranty which ensures complete peace of mind.

Cons of BYB E430 Lamp

  • No major con has been found in this excellent and futuristic desk reading lamp.

The Best Cordless Desk Lamp

Luxe Cordless Eye Friendly LED Desk Lamp, USB Rechargeable...
  • ENHANCED LIGHTING CONTROL: The energy efficient Luxe LED Lamp offers...
  • RECHARGEABLE, FULLY ADJUSTABLE: This uniquely portable light charges...
  • ELEGANT, MODERN DESIGN: Each of our table lamps comes in four distinct...
  • REDUCES EYE STRAIN: Luxe lamps feature natural LED lighting free of...
  • EXTREME QUALITY AND DURABILITY - the case of the lamp made of...

If you are allergic towards the cords and do not want them in your work space, then you have the option of skipping the cords by adopting the Luxe Lamp which is a versatile and excellent LED desk lamp. This wonderful and futuristic desk reading lamp can work for 40 hours continuously before requiring to be charged. There are a total of 18 unique settings and also six different brightness levels. There are also three different light modes which are very well-incorporated with the 360-degree design which is easily customizable. This lamp is as flexible as it can be very easily twisted, rotated and bended.

There are LED panels which very well feature absolutely powerful 28 built-in LED lamps which are energy-efficient and also have a very long life span. The life span on this lamp is more than 50,000 hours. This futuristic lamp is equipped with a lithium-polymer battery that very mightily supports 3-40 hours of seamless and continuous run-time. The battery can be fully recharged in just three hours. There is also a charging cable which is a part of the package. If you are in search of an attractive as well as a durable lamp, then Luxe Lamp is the perfect choice for you.

Why to choose Luxe Lamp?

  • Enhanced lighting control is one of the best features of this best reading lamp. This energy-efficient Luxe LED Lamp offers three different modes of lighting and six levels of brightness. All the brightness levels are being controlled with the help of a touch panel that is located at the base. That is also 18 unique settings in order to get the absolutely perfect soft or bright lights as per the users’ desire.
  • Rechargeable and fully adjustable is another great feature of this lamp. This very uniquely portable light efficiently charges via a micro USB cable and also offers up to forty hours of the continuous run time. It also has the capacity to effectively rotate, then twist and also bend up to 360 degrees for the purpose of maximum exposure of light. The charger for this lamp comes as a part of the package when you purchase this lamp.
  • The elegant and modern design is another great feature of this lamp. There are 4 distinctive double-tone color variations in order to match your home décor in the best possible manner. You can use this lamp as a nightstand, as a dresser, in the garage, on a work bench, on your work desk, or even while you are camping.
  • This lamp reduces the eye strain considerably. Luxe lamps feature the natural LED lighting that is absolutely free of glare, produce only little heat, do not emit UV rays and are free of the eye-damaging blue light, and are also fully adjustable. All of these features very well help in reducing the eye strain while in the process of reading, studying or working.
  • The extreme quality and durability of the lamp is another great feature of this lamp. The case of the lamp is made up of high-grade aluminium; the bar is made up of soft rubber-like material and is also water resistant. The LED panel will very durably last over 50,000 hours without splash screen or dazzling. The lamp comes with 28 LEDs and has a built-in 2000 mAh high quality Li-Polymer battery that very well supports up to forty hours of runtime and take 3 continuous hours for full charging. There is also 1 meter of fall protection that completely ensures that the lamp can very well sustain the bumps and the small drops accidentally.


  • The USP of this desk reading lamp is that it is cordless and this is very convenient to use.
  • The lamp is very energy-efficient and thus saves your hard-earned money.
  • The lamp is designed using the advanced LED technology which ensures that it has a long life span.
  • The lamp is easily portable and thus can be used in a variety of places.
  • The lamp is equipped with a strong and efficient rechargeable battery which charges fully on 3 hours of charging and can be used for 40 hours before the battery gets discharged. The battery also has a long life as it is very powerful.
  • It comes with a modern and elegant design which adds to your home décor very well.


  • No con has been reported yet.


These are some of the popular reading lamps that are designed to make your reading session more inciting. The amazing aesthetic look of these best reading lamps makes them a great adorning piece but apart from their look, these lamps enable you to conduct your task in an efficient way. The best part with these lamps is that they don’t harm your eyes so you can enjoy reading without any worries. The ambient lighting of these lamps makes your reading easier as well as fruitful. If you are a book lover then this post is really a boon for you