Incredible Walkie Talkie – The Top 10 Walkie Talkies Reviewed

Ditch the mobile and go walkie-talkie. Are you asking yourself why a walkie-talkie in the age of the mobile revolution? Well, walkie-talkies make communication a whole lot fun, and in areas where mobile reception is not available, walkie-talkie comes in handy.

Make your next camping trip or family outings joyful with a walkie-talkie set. These pocket-size buddies can be taken anywhere. Enjoy the sheer convenience and other power-packed features of this simple device

Now, there are a plethora of walkie-talkies available in the market. So, the first question the buyers face is what to pick? That’s exactly why we’ve created the Best Walkie-Talkie 2020updated list.

My Favourite
Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio - Long Range Walkie Talkie with 142 Privacy Codes, SOS Siren, and NOAA Weather Alerts and Weather Scan (Black/Silver, Pair Pack)
Best Budget
Midland - LXT500VP3, 22 Channel FRS Walkie Talkies with Channel Scan - Extended Range Two Way Radios, Silent Operation, Batteries Included (Pair Pack) (Black)
Best for Children
FLOUREON 4 Packs Walkie Talkies Two Way Radios 22 Channel 3000M (MAX 5000M Open Field) UHF Long Range Handheld Talkies Talky (Orange)
Midland GXT1000VP4
Midland LXT500VP3
FLOUREON Walkie Talkies
Best for Overall
Best Battery Life
Colorful lightweight radios that are simple to use and transmit.
Capable of a 36-mile range in open areas
Lasting battery charge, and clear reception
Simple, compact and easy to use by the entire family and outdoor events
My Favourite
Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio - Long Range Walkie Talkie with 142 Privacy Codes, SOS Siren, and NOAA Weather Alerts and Weather Scan (Black/Silver, Pair Pack)
Midland GXT1000VP4
Best for Overall
Capable of a 36-mile range in open areas
Best Budget
Midland - LXT500VP3, 22 Channel FRS Walkie Talkies with Channel Scan - Extended Range Two Way Radios, Silent Operation, Batteries Included (Pair Pack) (Black)
Midland LXT500VP3
Best Battery Life
Lasting battery charge, and clear reception
Best for Children
FLOUREON 4 Packs Walkie Talkies Two Way Radios 22 Channel 3000M (MAX 5000M Open Field) UHF Long Range Handheld Talkies Talky (Orange)
FLOUREON Walkie Talkies
Colorful lightweight radios that are simple to use and transmit.
Simple, compact and easy to use by the entire family and outdoor events

What to look for when buying the Amazing walkie talkie

  • Batteries—The ultimate power of the walkie-talkie is dependent on the battery life. There are devices that run on AA or AAA disposable batteries, and there are some with rechargeable batteries, which come along with a charger. Pick a walkie-talkie with the appropriate batteries in accordance with your requirements.
  • Convenience—If you are planning to take your walkie-talkie on your backpacking trip, weight matters. Make sure that they are very lightweight and can be easily carried in your bags. Also, hunt for features that are cost-effective and add utility. See if they are waterproof, and look for other value-added features.
  • Performance—The range of the device should be good. The last thing you want is to get lost due to improper coverage of the walkie-talkie. Look for a two-way radio with both GMRS and FRS frequencies. FRS frequencies provide for shorter ranges and GMRS provides wider coverage. Also, check if the walkie-talkie receives weather updates and if any emergency arises, there should be a provision to send out a signal.
  • Features—Look for interesting features—hands-free operation, vibration alert, noise canceling, keypad lock, privacy lock, weather alerts and more. It is good to look for features, but at the end of the day, make sure you are in need of and will utilize them.
  • Warranties—Any product that comes with a warranty is good. As you can make effective use of it, always look for warranties in your product to make sure it is reliable.
    Now that we have looked at the important features a good walkie-talkie must have, let us see some popular products below.

Walkie-TalkieMaximum RangeBattery Time 
Cobra ACXT1035R37 Miles24 hoursCheck Price
Uniden Submersible 50 Mile50 Miles10 hoursCheck Price
Midland GXT Series GXT1000VP4
(Editor’s Choice)
37 Miles10 hoursCheck Price
Motorola Talkabout™ T60535 Miles15 hoursCheck Price
Motorola Talkabout MS350R 35 Miles8 hoursCheck Price
Cobra ACXT54528 Miles6 hoursCheck Price
Midland LXT Series LXT600VP330 Miles12 hoursCheck Price
Cobra ACXT39023 Miles12 hoursCheck Price
Uniden GMR1635-216 Miles6 hoursCheck Price
BaoFeng BF-888S Two-Way Radio4 Miles8 hoursCheck Price
Floureon Walkie Talkies3 Miles10 hoursCheck Price

Cobra ACXT 1000 Series 1035R – Top-notch Walkie Talkie 2020

COBRA ACXT1035R FLT Floating Walkie Talkies- Waterproof,...
  • LONG RANGE UP TO 37 MILES: Provides an extended long range signal up...
  • NOAA WEATHER & ALERT: Be prepared for storms and emergencies with...
  • VOX - VOICE-ACTIVATED TRANSMISSION: The user's voice is detected and...
  • FLOATING & WATERPROOF (IPX7 standard): Never lose your radio. Floating...
  • REWIND-SAY-AGAIN: Replay missed radio calls. Automatically records the...

Your perfect partner for outdoor adventures, The Cobra ACXT 1035R come pre-charged and ready to use. They have a performance range of 37 miles with good coverage. Their rugged design and rubberized grip make them very easy to handle in rough conditions. Also, they are water-resistant, so no matter where you go, you can take them.
They come with a built-in NOAA Weather, and Emergency Radio receiver keeps you well-prepared in times of need. Be updated with weather news and alerts; these are automatically sent to you based on your location. Also, it comes with an LED flashlight at the bottom, in case you need additional light.

Equipped with rewind-say-again technology that lets you replay the last 20 seconds of any missed transmission. It comes with dual benefits when it comes to its batteries. It is battery powered with rechargeable batteries that come with a dual-port charger. Should you need additional power outdoors, regular alkaline batteries can also be used to power it up.

It has a 37-mile range with optimal coverage that lets you go where you want to go. Its attractive design with an orange color, will never let you miss out the walkie-talkie. Also, it is water resistant and has a handy vibration alert with key lock feature.

Final Verdict

This walkie-talkie encompasses handy features and conveniences that we look for in a walkie-talkie. Its lightweight and floatable design make it unique. A trusted partner for all your outdoor adventures, Cobra 1035R is liked by all.

  • Access to free family radio service (FRS) and license is required for the GMRS frequencies.
  •  Perfectly sized and a compact, lightweight model.
  •  No need to charge, it comes as ready-to-use, and you are good to go.
  •  Dual battery options, use whichever mode you prefer and always stay powered up.
  •  Handy features including rewind technology and weather alerts that are relayed based on your location.
  •  The warranty period is relatively short.
  •  The 37-mile coverage is not the longest, and might not suffice for people who need more range.

Uniden Submersible 50 Mile – Unbelievable Maximum Range WalkieTalkie

Uniden GMR1635-2 Up to 16-Mile Range, FRS Two-Way Radio...
  • 22 channels, including 7 FRS and 15 GMRS channels
  • Call tone will sound when calling each other
  • Scan helps you find others in your area
  • Roger beep lets others know when you finish speaking
  • Packaging is 100% recyclable and is printed with non-toxic inks. The...
The Uniden Submersible is a two-way radio walkie-talkie that can span across a range of 50 miles. Its impressive range guarantees a good coverage for you with a superlative performance. Also, it is waterproof and has the ability to float in water; even if you accidentally drop your walkie-talkie in water, nothing will happen to it.

It comes with a headset jack that enables hands-free operation; simply speak in order to send a message. Use a trigger word and transmit your message with ease. Also, if you want to send out a private message to a closed channel, use the privacy code options.

A Well-Designed Construction

The backlit display of the walkie-talkie shows the battery meter and alerts you in case of a low charge, so this way you can always stay powered up. You can recharge with the charging dock provided with it. It is a waterproof walkie-talkie that can float in water if dropped accidentally. It is very sturdy and weighs a bulky 3 pounds for maximum durability.

Speaking about its performance, its impressive 50-mile range makes it stand out. Even in rough terrains of deep woods or mountains, you can expect decent coverage with good reception. It can use both the FRS and GMRS frequencies as per your needs. The weather channels give you an automatic update if rough conditions prevail at your location. If you get stuck, send an SOS signal with the help of the built-in LED light.

Final Verdict

The Uniden Submersible 50 Mile is a great walkie-talkie with good features and coverage. Even though it is little bulkier, it provides good sound quality and is loaded with good and convenient features. It has all the important features necessary in a walkie-talkie and is a great tool for hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

  •  Maximum range of 50 miles
  •  Good backlighting
  •  Enjoy the hands-free operation with the headsets that come along with it
  •  Get alerts when battery is down
  •  Get automatic weather updates
  •  Slightly on the bulkier side
  •  Lack of noise-cancelling function
  •  You cannot replace the rechargeable batteries with disposable ones

Midland GXT Series GXT1000VP4 – Well-known All-Around Product

Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio - Long...
  • 2-WAY RADIOS - These walkie-talkies feature 50 GMRS (General Mobile...
  • 36-MILE RANGE - Longer range communication in open areas with little...
  • 142 CTCSS/DCS PRIVACY CODES - The privacy codes give you up to 3,124...
  • NOAA WEATHER SCAN + ALERT - NOAA Weather Scan will automatically scan...
  • INCLUDED IN THE BOX: Radios (x2), rechargeable battery packs (x2),...

Whether you are out trekking, kayaking or camping with family, a good walkie-talkie is necessary for all the pursuits in the wilderness. One good walkie-talkie is the Midland GXT1000VP4. This two-way radio walkie-talkie is packed to the brim with several valuable features and provides an optimal coverage of 36 miles.

You get to receive, not just important weather updates, but also you can also hear other emergency announcements like fire, landslide warnings, child abduction and more. It has a dual power option with the use of rechargeable batteries and disposable ones if needed.

Midland GXT1000VP4 stands apart with its provision of essential features and survival tools for outdoor enthusiasts. It has access to NOAA weather alerts and also informs of other hazards. It allows for hands-free operation.

Better Specs than Most

An interesting feature of this walkie-talkie is the noise-cancelling technology. It has an auto-squelch function that has the capacity to negate the ambient noise of the surrounding environment. Overall it has great features needed for a smooth reception.

It is pretty lightweight and comes with several accessories, including a headset, and charging ports. A favorite with all is the backlit display of the walkie-talkie that lets you clearly see. It also has a whisper function that lets you speak quietly and still be clear. At times of distress or emergency, send out a signal with ease.

The dual power option also delivers good convenience for the users. If you have forgotten to charge your walkie-talkie, then simply use a disposable battery. It is also waterproof and will stay protected in adverse weather conditions.

In terms of its performance, it gives average coverage with a maximum 36-mile range. In woods and mountainous areas, it provides a coverage of 2 miles of effective coverage. This range seems to be good enough for trekkers and hikers to explore the trails, without losing touch. There are 50 channels available with several privacy codes to send out a private message.

Final Verdict

Even though it might not look attractive, it is packed with attractive features that are important when it comes to your adventure trips. It is undoubtedly one of the best walkie-talkies for outdoor usage. With excellent support options, survive your great adventure trip with the help of this robust walkie-talkie.

  •  Comes with a vehicle adapter for multiple modes of charging. The provision for disposable batteries makes it even more flexible.
  •  Receive all hazards alert based on your location.
  •  Hands-free operation made easy with nine levels of easy voice activation.
  •  Provides moderate coverage with a maximum of 36 miles.
  •  It does not float if accidentally dropped in water. However, it is still waterproof and durable.

Motorola Talkabout™ T605 – Superb IP67 Waterproof two-way radio

Motorola T605 Talkabout, 2 Pack Bundle
  • IP67 Waterproof: Count on the T605 H2O two-way waterproof radio to...
  • Advanced Built-in Flashlight with White and Red LEDs: Select the white...
  • Know the Weather In Advance: Keep updated with real-time weather...
  • 23 Channels Each with 121 Privacy Codes: With 22 channels and 121...
  • Compatible with Any Radio: You can communicate with other FRS/GMRS...

In an attempt to bridge the gap between the walkie-talkie and your cell phone, Motorola has adopted Bluetooth connectivity in its one of a kind walkie-talkie. So, you can pair this walkie-talkie with any other Bluetooth headset and communicate without any hassles. With a coverage range of 35 miles, and also the provision to communicate wirelessly through Bluetooth, Motorola Talkabout™ T605 will give you an upper edge.

Make use of the alert button to send out signals in case of emergencies and stay well-prepared. Also, listen to all your weather updates and be warned of natural disasters heading your way.

A good light source is always important when it comes to your outdoor adventure trips. This walkie-talkie has a built-in LED light which offers emergency lighting at times of need. The Motorola T605 promises to offer the fabulous audio quality with its superior technology.

Modern and Powerfull

In terms of convenience, Motorola loves customer satisfaction. They have provided four ways to charge your walkie-talkie by means of the desktop charger, mini-USB car cables, USB wall-mount charger or mini-USB PC cable. The wall charger is included with the walkie-talkie, and the rest have to be bought separately. So, buy according to your needs.

Make your job even easier. With the provision of dual battery option, you can use either your rechargeable battery or any disposable battery. So, never run out of power.

The Motorola T605 has the dual advantage of wireless connectivity along with 35 miles coverage of the 2 way radios. Leverage on the dual benefits and make the best use of it. Under sub-optimal conditions of rough terrains, the coverage may be low due to obstructions. Nevertheless, the performance of this walkie-talkie remains good and serves the purpose.

Final Verdict

Like a walkie-talkie, the Motorola Talkabout™ T605 offers standard features with moderate range coverage. The Bluetooth connectivity is what sets it apart from other players. So, utilize the full advantage of Bluetooth is this walkie-talkie.

  •  The major advantage of this walkie-talkie is its Bluetooth connectivity.
  •  Weatherproof design with IP67 rating makes it ideal for usage under any rough conditions.
  •  Superior audio quality with switched capacitor filter technology.
  •  Dual battery power option.
  •  Only added value is the Bluetooth function, apart from standard features of a regular walkie-talkie.
  •  Slightly priced on the higher side.
  •  Not waterproof.

Motorola Talkabout MS350R – Professional Walkie Talkie

Motorola MS350R 35-Mile Talkabout Waterproof 2-Way Radio...
  • Motorola MS350R 35-Mile Waterproof Talkabout 2 Way Radio, 2 Pack
  • Waterproof Survives Water Dunk and Heavy Downpours
  • Up to 35-mile Range
  • 22 Channels, plus 8 Repeater Channels, each with 121 Privacy Codes
  • IP-67 Waterproof

Another offering from Motorola, this walkie-talkie is an efficient walkie-talkie that serves the purpose. Ideal for camping trips and other outdoor adventures, the Motorola MR350R offers several advantages.

With a small shortcoming in the lack of weatherproof design, this camping walkie-talkie is still worth considering its price. It is very lightweight and compact with large buttons that make it extremely user friendly.

It comes with 22 channels, each with 121 privacy codes that make it very easy to find an available channel. It delivers a moderate coverage range of 35 miles under optimal conditions. When trekking in deep woods or hilly areas, you can expect a decent coverage of 2 miles.

Great Sound, Slim Design

Take advantage of the dual battery option. If you are out of power on your camping trip and don’t have electricity to charge your walkie-talkie, simply toss in disposable batteries to stay powered up.

The design of this walkie-talkie is rugged, yet lightweight to offer maximum mobility. It has really large buttons that can be handled with ease. So, when you find yourself in a situation where the conditions are not cooperating with you, the MR350 walkie-talkie is built to handle any ordeal without weighing you down.

Equipped with standard features, Motorola Talkabout™ MR350R lets you stay well-prepared on your outdoor trips. There is a vibration alert if you want to go on a silent expedition. Get the latest weather updates based on your location with the help of 11 weather channels.

Also, there is a built-in flashlight, which is a savior when it comes to dark and dusty conditions. Overall, this two way radio is loaded with features that can help you deal with challenges in the extreme outdoors.

  •  IP-51 rated dust and dripping water protection.
  •  Comes with battery packs with charger, emergency checklist.
  •  Dual battery option with extended battery life.
  •  35 mile maximum coverage.
  •  Built-in flashlight.
  •  Not completely waterproof.
  •  Low coverage in hilly and forest terrains.
  •  The belt clip that comes with the set is very fragile.

Final Verdict

The Motorola Talkabout™ MR350R is a robust walkie-talkie with moderate coverage. It is packed with good features that are worth the price. Even though it might not be waterproof, it still feels like a good quality walkie-talkie with valuable features for adventure seekers.

Cobra ACXT545 – Friendly LCD Panel Walkie Talkie

COBRA ACXT545 Walkie Talkies - Rechargeable, Long Range...
  • LONG RANGE UP TO 28 MILES: Provides an extended long range signal with...
  • 10 NOAA WEATHER CHANNELS & WEATHER ALERT - Be prepared for storms and...
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES INCLUDED: Includes rechargeable batteries and a...
  • VOX - VOICE-ACTIVATED TRANSMISSION: The user's voice is detected and...
  • VIBRALERT - ENHANCED VIBRATING FEEDBACK: Vibrating feedback notifies...

When you are looking for walkie-talkies, the actual performance matters the most. The Cobra ACXT 545 is one such walkie-talkie that offers power-packed features, with a minimal coverage range. It is the best for campers and hikers, as long as they don’t get too far away from the group. Use this two-way radio walkie-talkie on your next outdoor trip and leverage on its powerful features.

While you are camping with this walkie-talkie, you can stay informed about the latest weather updates and be prepared for adverse conditions, if any. Should an emergency arise, you walkie-talkie will alert you of an incoming weather emergency.

Also, it has a built-in LED flashlight, which can be used to send an SOS signal, in case you are stuck and need help.

A Top-Tier Brand

In terms of convenience, this walkie-talkie offers some of the best features. It has it all—waterproof design, floating capability, vibration alert, noise-cancellation technology, lightweight, hands-free operation and more. What more can you ask for?

It also has a dual battery option, and you can put in disposable batteries if you are out of charge. It weights a mere one-third of a pound, making it ultra-lightweight and compact.

This walkie-talkie provides a maximum coverage of 28 miles. However, you are able to achieve this range only over optimal conditions, without any interference. When using it in the woods or mountains, it delivers a coverage of 2 miles, which is the case with most walkie-talkies. So, this is best used on a camping trip, rather than a high-intensity road trip.

Don’t get too far away from your group, and you are assured of good coverage without any hassles. It has multiple channel combinations that are available with privacy codes.

  •  Even if you accidentally drop it in water, the walkie-talkie floats and does not get damaged.
  •  Hands-free operation for ease of communication.
  •  Dual battery option.
  •  Backlit LCD panel and easy to read.
  •  Background noise cancellation.
  •  Coverage not great
  •  Relatively short warranty period.

Final Verdict

The only shortcoming of Cobra ACXT 545 is its coverage. But when you look at its price and features, you can just about overlook the coverage. As long as you are using if outdoors without getting too far away from your group, you are sure to have an effective coverage.

Midland LXT Series LXT600VP3 – Intelligent Handheld Two Way Radio

Midland - LXT600VP3, 36 Channel FRS Two-Way Radio - Up to 30...
  • 2-WAY RADIOS - These walkie-talkies feature 36 FRS (Family Radio...
  • 30-MILE RANGE - Longer range communication in open areas with little...
  • 121 CTCSS PRIVACY CODES - The Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System...
  • NOAA WEATHER SCAN + ALERT - NOAA Weather Scan will automatically scan...
  • DUAL POWER OPTIONS - Uses 3 "AAA" batteries (not included) or...

Walkie-talkies are great tools that make your camping and other outdoor trips safe and exciting. As you explore into the wilderness, stay connected to your group at all times. A good aid during your exciting adventure trip is the Midland LXT Series LXT600VP3 walkie-talkie. It offers decent coverage that lets you enjoy a good deal of range.

It has all the necessary features of a good walkie-talkie and does the job with great efficiency. It is also very cost effective. If you are looking for a modest level of coverage with good features, then this walkie-talkie is the best for you.

It receives the NOAA weather channel that automatically scans your location and alerts you if there are any weather emergencies or other hazards like fire, landslide, etc. It lets you conserve your battery life with its high- and low-power settings.

It is packed to the brim with great features that can be very useful for your outdoor trips. So the next time you are camping or hiking, use this walkie-talkie and stay protected.

Quality and Branding

It comes with a rechargeable battery pack, a charging dock, and belt clips. The display is backlit and shows relevant information including your battery power. If you run out of battery power, make use of disposable batteries and recharge your walkie-talkie.

Use hands-free facility of transmitting a message with easy voice activation. The design is robust with water resistance and great durability. It is also very lightweight and compact.

As far as the coverage is concerned, it is pretty average with 30 miles of maximum coverage, but this is good enough if you aren’t going too far away. The 30 miles of coverage is assured only in open areas, and in forest or mountain areas, you can get only up to 2 miles of coverage. On the road, you can get around 10 miles of coverage. So, the overall coverage is fairly average and suffice for adventure seekers.

It comes with great channel options so that you can easily locate an available channel with your own privacy code. However, if you are caught in an emergency situation, it does not have the ability to send an SOS signal to relay your immediate call for help.

  •  Dual battery option.
  •  Waterproof design makes it easy to use in tough conditions.
  •  Silent operation with vibration alert and keypad locks.
  •  3-year warranty period.
  •  Automatic weather and hazards alert based on your location.
  •  Hands-free operation with three levels of voice recognition.
  •  Minimal coverage with a maximum of 30 miles in open areas.
  •  No SOS signal transmission possible.
  •  It does not have the ability to float in water, but it is waterproof.

Final Verdict

As long as you don’t stray too far into the wilderness, this best long range walkie talkie is a great buy for its relatively lower price. It has some great features that will come in very handy on your adventure trips. With the minor shortcoming of not being able to relay emergency SOS signals, this walkie-talkie has it all.

Cobra ACXT390 – Extraordinary Lightweight Walkie Talkie

COBRA ACXT390 Walkie Talkies - Rechargeable, Long Range...
  • LONG RANGE UP TO 23 MILES: Provides an extended long range signal with...
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES INCLUDED: Includes rechargeable batteries and a...
  • 10 NOAA WEATHER CHANNELS & WEATHER ALERT - Be prepared for storms and...
  • VOX - VOICE-ACTIVATED TRANSMISSION: The user's voice is detected and...
  • CALL ALERT WITH 5 SELECTABLE TONES: 5 selectable tones distinguishes...

When you are out camping or hiking, you don’t want to be carrying a heavy supplies. You would definitely not want to carry a 4-pound walkie-talkie that will take a toll on you. The Cobra ACXT 390 is a walkie-talkie that is so lightweight and weighs only 1/4 of a pound.

The range of its coverage might not be so attractive, but it offers plenty of attractive features that are worthy of its nominal price tag. This two-way radio alerts you of local emergencies and has access to weather updates.

As far as the features are concerned, it has it all. The noise-cancellation technology prevents unwanted noise due to terrain or range constraints. So you can be assured of a good audio quality with good clarity.

Intelligent Power

One of the good features of this waterproof walkie-talkie is its ability to save power. When you are not transmitting or receiving messages, the power-saving circuitry aids in extending the battery life. Its complete hands-free operation enables smooth communication.

This walkie-talkie is backpack ready. With a minuscule weight like this, you can easily even fit in your pocket, and you are good to go. This pocket-sized dynamo is weatherproof with resistance to water. It comes with a rechargeable battery, but if you run out of power, replace the battery with disposable AA batteries.

The Cobra ACXT390 walkie-talkie has a maximum range of 23 miles. This range is based on optimal conditions with open space and no obstacles. If you are using the walkie-talkie in the hills or woods, you will get a maximum range of 1 mile. So, don’t stray too far away, and stay close to your group in order to get good reception.

The ACXT 390 has access to 22 channels including all FRS and GMRS frequencies. It strives to make your communication easy with ultra-clear long distance reception.

  •  Dual battery power option.
  •  Noise cancellation that shuts off unwanted background noise.
  •  Smooth hands-free operation.
  •  Super lightweight and compact walkie-talkie. Probably the lightest of all, it is indeed a pocket size dynamo.
  •  Stay updated with weather channels and receive alerts based on your location.
  •  Lack of silent tone and emergency SOS signal for silent expeditions.
  •  Very average coverage with decent range.
  •  Does not carry a warranty.

Final Verdict

The Cobra ACXT 390 is a very lightweight walkie-talkie that efficiently does the job. Don’t get bogged down with heavy walkie-talkies that are loaded with features that you probably will not use. This cheap walkie-talkie has all the essential features, and decent coverage. If you think this coverage would do for you, then go for it.

Uniden GMR1635-2 – Smart Walkie Talkies for Camping & Hiking

Uniden GMR1635-2 Up to 16-Mile Range, FRS Two-Way Radio...
  • 22 channels, including 7 FRS and 15 GMRS channels
  • Call tone will sound when calling each other
  • Scan helps you find others in your area
  • Roger beep lets others know when you finish speaking
  • Packaging is 100% recyclable and is printed with non-toxic inks. The...

Walkie-talkies are highly dependable tools for camping lovers, hikers, mountain climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts. If you are looking for an economy walkie-talkie with great survival and emergency features, then look no further than the Uniden GMR1635 two-way radio walkie-talkies. For people who are on a tight budget, this walkie-talkie is the best.

The coverage is a very minimal 16-mile radius in open spaces, but when you look at its distinct features, this walkie-talkie is a good buy for its pocket-friendly price.

This best walkie talkie for kids has 22 channels with FRS and GRMS frequencies. The device scans for an available channel and then pauses to let you transmit your message through the channel. It is equipped with an automatic squelch system, which shuts away weak transmissions or unwanted noise in your surroundings.

Budget Benefits

It also features a battery-strength meter to show the power of the battery, so you can always ensure to get it charged.

These walkie-talkies can be powered by rechargeable or disposable AAA batteries. They have a unique battery-saving power to extend your battery life; if your walkie-talkie is not in use, it goes to the power-saver mode and is still able to transmit or receive your messages.

It is also very lightweight with a simple design. You can easily carry it on your backpacking trips.

For a 16-mile coverage, Uniden promises the best audio quality. This coverage can be attained in open areas, but as you enter areas with high foliage and obstacles, the coverage drops. So keep in mind its coverage and then go for your expeditions accordingly. Don’t get too far from your group and lose touch.

  •  Receive automatic weather updates according to your location.
  •  Hands-free voice activation facility available.
  •  Flexible battery power option with dual power option.
  •  22 channel options with 99 privacy codes.
  •  Equipped with a roger beep and five different call tones.
  •  Vibration alert.
  •  Minimal coverage up to 16 miles only.
  •  They are not water resistant.
  •  Lack of emergency SOS signal relay.

Final Verdict

Even though the product has its own share of disadvantages, at this price, it is difficult to find a competent walkie-talkie that serves your purpose. The long battery life with emergency weather alerts makes them stand apart. For a group, this is the perfect walkie-talkie for cruise that will complete your recreational outings or family camping trips.

BaoFeng BF-888S Two-Way Radio – Stunning Budget Walkie Talkie

BaoFeng BF-888S Walkie Talkie 2pcs in One Box with...
  • 2 Watt Programmable Handheld Amateur Radio
  • Frequency Range: UHF: 400-520 MHz(Rx/Tx).The BF-888S include a...
  • Customize Programming by Using the PC03 FTDI Programming Cable
  • Broadband (Wide) 25khz / Narrowband (Narrow) 12.5khz Selectable
  • Frequency Mode 400-470 MHz

This two-way walkie-talkie is a proficient device that is easily affordable. Whether you are looking for an outdoor companion or communication for commercial purposes, the BaoFeng BF 88S walkie-talkie does the job. On the downside, it provides relatively less coverage of 6 kilometers or 4 miles. It promises superior features that make it a must have.

It is the perfect buy for people on a tighter budget. If you are looking for the perfect walkie-talkie for recreational outings or family trips, this walkie-talkie is one of the best.

One of the premium features of this walkie-talkie is its battery saving power. It is powered by lithium-ion batteries and can last for a longer time. It consists of 16 channels with an adjustable frequency range. The built-in scanning and emergency alarm functions provide great utility. It is software programmable and remains a best seller for its affordability, bright LED torch, and several other user-friendly functions.

Worth The Money

The battery power of the BaoFeng BF-888S is one of the finest—it will never let you down. The lithium batteries come with a charger port and it also has good accessories like belt clips, antennas, and slings. There is a built-in flashlight that can be used at times of emergencies to send out signals. So, when you are out in the dark, simply flash the light and get going. The efficient functioning of this walkie-talkie enables a seamless audio communication with clarity.

This walkie-talkie is suitable for a minimal coverage range. It delivers optimal performance in a 4-mile radius of open surroundings. Stay connected without any hassles in the prescribed radius. It is perfect for communication within close-knit gatherings or family trips.

  •  Auto squelch to prevent unwanted background noise.
  •  Emergency alarm function can be used to send out signals at time of emergencies.
  •  Crisp and clear communication.
  •  If the battery is low, it alerts you.
  •  Consists of 22 channels with scanning function.
  •  Great value for money.
  •  It is not waterproof.
  •  The design is good, but not that durable.

Final Verdict

The BaoFeng BF-888S is the most sought-after two way radios for its low price. For a price like this, it offers valuable features to its users. It is very cost-effective and enables smooth communications among group members. This is one of the least expensive walkie-talkies for hunting on the market with neat features and great value for your money.

Floureon Walkie Talkies – Attractive Walkie Talkies for Kids

FLOUREON 4 Packs Walkie Talkies Two Way Radios 22 Channel...
  • 【Two Way Radio Use】This Floureon walkies talkies set has FRS/GMRS...
  • 【 Long Range Communication】This walkies talkies set Up to 3000m...
  • 【 Clear Sound Quality, No Noise】The Fluoreon Twin Walkie Talkies...
  • 【LCD DISPLAY & NIGHT USE】 - LCD backlit display, battery status...
  • 【Friendly Customer Service 】100% satisfaction and zero hassle...

This set of walkie talkies comes in a variety of different color options, and feature 22 different channels, to reduce interference. Floureon Walkie Talkies are ideal for children due to their long range capabilities (up to 1.9 miles; or 3.1 miles in a clear space). This range will likely prove beneficial to keep track of children in public spaces such as festivals, stores, and parks.

For being such an economical option, these walkies actually emit a really clear sound, thanks to the fact that it has been designed using auto squelch technology, which limits ambient noise. Therefore, even when using these walkies in a crowded area, the sound will be clean and clear.

It is important to note that this set of walkies is not rechargeable, so it may be wise to keep some extra batteries on hand if using them while traveling.

These walkies also feature a headphone jack, which makes them a good choice for anyone who may have trouble hearing, especially in noisy environments, or for anyone who wants a more hands-free experience.

  • Great to use for both indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Small size is ideal for a child to comfortably and securely hold.
  • Fun for hide n’ go seek and tag games.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • A playful to tech kids about technology.
  • Has a locking function to prevent kids from accidentally switching frequencies.
  • A great way for kids to feel connected to their family members during the night.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Very durable and resistant to cracking and breaking.
  • Can quickly drain batteries if not turned off when not in use.
  • May have trouble getting a signal in certain locations.
  • Batteries can be difficult to insert.
  • Range is sensitive to interference.
  • Belt clip is not very tight.

Walkie-talkies keep you in touch

Many people know about walkie talkies. In fact, they use this gadget frequently. However, if you ask them which the magnificent walkie talkies are, many will just give you a stare. This is because many just picked an item without paying much attention to it. Others simply went for a popular brand, while some looked at the most affordable. Such blind decisions usually don’t give good results. The communication may not be effective because of poor range, the channels may be very limited, or the power may not be very good. Other areas that need focusing on include weatherproofing, ruggedness, private codes, weight, size, weather alert, and cost.

Things To Consider : Ideal Walkie Talkies for You

It’s easy to assume that a walkie talkie is a simple toy so buying it is a simple task too. But, with the increasing number of walkie talkies on the market, tracking a nice one can be diminishing. Here are some of the basic elements you need to consider while purchasing the intellectual walkie talkies.

Easy To Use

Walkie talkies are simple, they don’t have many applications that normal phones have. This is good because you do not want to expose your kids to modern day phone sophistications like texting and browsing.

I suggest you consider the ease to use the device to allow your learn to communicate bit by bit.


That is why you need to consider how strong a walkie talkie is to withstand all that pressure.

It should be made of strong materials or covered with unbreakable material to prevent its dismantling when dropped.

Privacy Codes

Privacy codes or “Extra Channels” are additional combinations of the 22 main FRS/GMRS channels that radio makers add to help you find a quiet place to talk. These need to be used with radios from the same manufacturer.

For example, we could decide to talk on channel 13, code 10 and it should eliminate chatter from any other code on channel 13. It’s not perfect and sometimes you can hear people on other channels talking. If the specs list anything more than the 22 main channels, they are just privacy codes and may or may not work with other radios.

Battery Life

Just to be safe ensure the walkie talkie has a longer battery life.

In this case, models of batteries or walkie talkies vary, just look for the one that is child-friendly and durable. It should last like three to nine hours.

Battery Type

Some radios use Lithium-ion batteries which will be better in the cold. Some have different options to use either a battery pack or AA batteries depending on the situations. Newer models can charge through a USB power pack or solar charger. Think about what conditions you will be in and how you want to charge your radio. You might even consider getting a solar backpack to make sure you’re able to recharge while you’re outdoors.


Most of the handheld radios use FRS or GMRS frequencies. FRS channels are free to use without license. GMRS frequencies have longer range but require a license from the FCC to use. VHF are marine channels only for use on the water. If you’re out sailing, you’ll be using VHF to communicate. Ham or Amateur radios have more frequencies and longer range but require a written test to get the license.

Signal Connectivity Range

Maximum range with a radio is very dependent on conditions. The range stated in the specs of the radios will usually be the maximum range under perfect conditions, say 35 miles. Up to 5 miles is a common range for GMRS frequencies and up to 2 miles for FRS frequencies. If there is anything blocking line of sight to the other radio like trees or a building will reduce the range.


As covered above, the range of a radio is of primary importance but a handset that has a high power output will increase transmission power, signal strength, and quality of audio; all of which will result in minimizing the loss of range in mountainous, wooded or urban areas.


Lastly, the design of the walkie talkie also counts. It inspires fun; it encourages kids to play.

Know the favorite color of your kid before you go out to get a walkie talkie for him or her. Also the lighter, the better.

To avoid confusion between the toy and a real phone, I would advise you to look for a walkie talkie that has more fun features that will keep your kid engaged for a while for you to catch a breath.


Many radios claim to be waterproof but are actually just water-resistant. If you are in a wet environment, make sure you get a decent waterproof rating. The IP or JIS rating will tell you how resistant they are. The higher the number the better. Many radios are JIS4 which is splash resistant. IPX4 will be splash resistant as well whereas IPX7 will be waterproof to 3 feet.


How much can you carry in your pack? You might need to stick with the smaller lighter radios that might not get the range or battery life as the larger units.

Extras and Features

Antenna length may not seem like something too important but generally if your radio has a longer antenna it will have a much better reception.

Many two way radios come with extra features such as the ability to access NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) making it possible to receive up-to-the-minute local weather forecasts which is a big plus if the service is still operating.


Although I know many of you will be trying to work on a tight budget when it comes to spending on a two way radio set up I have purposely left ‘cost’ till the bottom of my list because with two way radios you will generally get what you pay for.

Let’s be honest; if you only have a few bucks to spend you might as well go and buy a couple of plastic cups and a ball of string because you certainly won’t pick up a two way radio of any worth! That isn’t to say there isn’t a well priced, good value for money pair of handsets out there, because there are a few, but if you want the best set up you can get your hands on then expect to pay a few bucks for it.

Other Considerations

  • Besides the above factors, there also some simple features and elements you need to remember as you buy a walkie talkie
  • Material used to construct the walkie talkie should be environment-friendly
  • LCD display should be clear enough and coded with an easy to read language
  • Walkie talkie should also be certified to be used in your state or region
  • Walkie talkie may as well be easy to use with clear and functioning buttons
  • Noaa weather alert frequencies
  • Multi use units

Frequently asked question

What is the warranty period that walkie-talkies brands offer to the customers?

The most of the  best walkie talkie  brands offers the warranty period of 3-5 years on the radios with subject to the models. It gives one year warranty on the batteries and 90 days warranty on the accessories of the product.

Which is the best place to purchase a cheap walkie-talkie?

These walkie-talkies are simply obtainable on online shopping sites like Amazon.

All the waterproof walkie-talkies are durable?

Yes, all the waterproof  two way radios that are waterproof comprises of durability in order to face any kind of hazard.

What is the advantage of waterproof 2 way radios?

The waterproof radios benefit you in a continuous transmission of voice messages, even if it gets wet in water or rain.

Up to exactly how much distance a best walkie-talkie can work properly?

The total distance range which a long range walkie-talkie covers is completely influenced by the kind of place where it will be used. In the case of any interruptions, for instance, the mountains or the long buildings, the range of the radio gets affected. A normal walkie-talkie device is capable of functioning in the longer distance, but only if there is a clear way without any obstacle in the middle.

Are walkie-talkies alike to the mobile phones?

No, walkie-talkies are not similar to mobile phones because these radios are free of cost service to the buyer. There is no requirement of giving any kind of monthly expenses or rent of these devices.

How many 2 way radios can communicate with each other at the single point of time?

The minimum number of walkie-talkies through which we can communicate with each other at a single point in time is two. However, there is no limit on the maximum number of channels. The main important condition for all the two way radios is that they must be inside the same range and on a similar channel or frequency.

Final words – Wrapping it up

Mobile phones are indeed our lifeline. But they have certain limitations when it comes to remote locations. Also, you cannot use mobile phones for a long durations of time, as it can be detrimental to your health. This is where a two-way walkie-talkies kick in.

When you are going on outdoor expeditions, like a family trip, camping trip, trekking or any fun-filled backpacking trip, it is important to carry your walkie-talkies. These pocket-sized communication devices are bundled with important features that are necessary to make your trip safe and effective. Finding the right walkie talkie should now be a whole lot easier thanks to this Good Walkie Talkie 2020 list.

Ditch the mobile and flaunt your walkie-talkies in style!