Incredible WiFi Range Extenders – Buyers Guide

I think everybody can gree that there is nothing more frustrating than a bad WiFi connection. You’re trying to browse the internet, scroll through your Facebook and Instagram feed or get to the next level of the latest online game when…your connection cuts out.

Whatever the issue, a weak WiFi signal is now an easy problem to fix, especially with the latest WiFi Range Extenders. But with so many different makes and models of extenders available, how do you know which one is best for you?

That’s why we’ve created the Top Ten improbable WiFi Range Extender 2018 guide to help you decide which extender is the perfect fit for your connection needs. After hours of research and testing, we’ve shortlisted the incredible Extenders you can buy for your home or office right now.

Fantastic WiFi Range Extender 2019

Of course, not every one of these Extenders will be suitable for each individual, and some come with a heftier price-tag than others. What we do know for certain is that each of these range extenders are good enough to make our list.

ModelRangeBandNo. Ethernet Ports 
NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900
(Editor’s Choice)
1900Mbps Dual Band2.4 & 5GHzFive (5) 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports with auto-sensing technologyCheck Price
TP-Link AC1750Up to 1300Mbps (5GHz)/Up to 450Mpbs (2.4GHz)2.4GHz & 5GHz(11ac)1 * 10/100/1000M Ethernet PortCheck Price
NETGEAR AC750750 Mbps Dual Range Band2.4GHz and 5GHz1 fast Ethernet portCheck Price
NETGEAR N300 EX2700300 Mbps2.4GHz1 fast Ethernet portCheck Price
TP-Link AC1200 300Mbps (2.4GHz)/ 867Mbps
2.4GHz and 5GHzGigabit Ethernet portCheck Price
Securifi Almond Wireless Router / Range Extender300 Mbps2.4GHz1 Ethernet WAN
1 Ethernet LAN
Check Price
TP-Link N300 TL-WA855RE300 Mbps2.4~2.4835GHz1 * 10/100M Ethernet PortCheck Price
MSRM US750750 Mbps2.4GHz and 5GHz1 fast Ethernet portCheck Price
NETGEAR N300 WN3000RP300 Mbps2.4GHz1 fast Ethernet portCheck Price
AMAKE Wifi Repeater 300M Range Extender300 Mbps2.4GHz1 fast Ethernet portCheck Price

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 – Amazing Wifi Range Extender 2019

NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router (R7000) - AC1900...
  • Fast wifi performance: Get up to 1800 square feet wireless coverage...
  • Recommended for up to 30 devices: Reliably stream videos, play games,...
  • Wired Ethernet ports: plug in computers, game consoles, streaming...
  • Loaded with advanced technology: Designed with a 1GHz dual core...
  • USB connections: Share a storage drive and printer with any connected...

Sitting in No.1 position on our list is the ever-so-cool sounding Nighthawk from internet technology giants NETGEAR. The AC1900 (EX7000-100NAS) is the most expensive extender on our buyer’s guide.

The NETGEAR Nighthawk Wi-Fi Range Extender boosts your existing network range and speed with 11ac dual band Wi-Fi up to 1900Mbps and 700mW high-powered amplifiers. It has a dual core 1GHz processor to enable maximum Wi-Fi performance and is ideal for gaming and streaming.

With its sleek black design and strangely angled antennas sticking out of the side, this is an extender that was designed to be put on display, rather than just hidden away in a corner. It’s a serious-looking piece of equipment, which is justified by the incredible performance it delivers. You can’t mount it but it does come with a stand, which allows you to display it vertically.

Setting up the NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Desktop WiFi Range Extender (EX7000-100NAS) was a fairly straightforward affair (which we were surprised by) and the only difference between it and other installation processes was the extra step of adding an email address and password in case you need to recover your admin details at some point in the future.

The Nighthawk AC1900 automatically appends suffixes onto your existing WiFi network making it easy to tell which is the new extended network. Once you’ve completed the setup, you can move the extender to whichever location you need it most.

The NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Desktop WiFi Range Extender (EX7000-100NAS) is, without a doubt, the fastest of all the extenders we tested during the compilation of this list – and rightly so for the price.

The extender has an extreme dual band WiFi speed of up to 1900Mbps, with a Dual Core 1GHz processor and a 700mW high power amplifiers for extreme range. It also has FastLane technology to create a super-fast connection by using both WiFi bands.

During our testing, we were blown away by both the range and speed of WiFi connection the Nighthawk provides.

Final Verdict

The NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Wi-Fi Range Extender (EX7000) gives you the range you need to access amazing, high-speed wireless coverage in every corner of the house. It’s quick and easy to install, and with FastLane technology, getting the highest speed for your bandwidth is a breeze. It’s definitely pricey, but if you are serious about connectivity in the house and want something that is going to consistently provide a reliable high speed and wide range, this range extender is worth every penny.

  •  Unbeaten speed
  •  Easy to install
  •  Amazing range
  •  Not the cheapest

TP-Link AC1750 – Гnbelievable for Multi-Device Streaming

TP-Link AC750 WiFi Extender (RE220), Covers Up to 1200 Sq.ft...
  • Extend WiFi Coverage - Boost Internet WiFi Coverage up to 1200 Sq.ft...
  • Eliminate WiFi Dead Zones - Enjoy Lag-Free Connection to any type of...
  • Stay Connected - Expand WiFi Coverage for your Smart Phones, Smart TV,...
  • Easy Set Up - Two Simple Taps and You are Ready to Connect, Smart...
  • OneMesh Technology - Enables the creation of a OneMesh network for...

Up next is the AC1759 from TP-Link. Its the most expensive device from T-link on our list although we believe this is reasonably priced thanks to the punch this Wifi Range Extender packs.

The AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender with Gigabit Ethernet Port (RE450) features three external antennas promising to expand WiFi range up to 10,000 square feet and a Gigabit Ethernet Port to connect any wired device to WiFi.

With its three grey antennas and glossy white box, the AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender with Gigabit Ethernet Port (RE450) looks a little like something out of a Star Trek movie. It’s slightly bigger than the other extenders we’ve named on the list so far but it still plugs easily into any power wall socket. Disappointingly for such a bulky extender, it doesn’t have a pass-through socket – which would have been particularly handy as it takes up both sockets on a standard power outlet.


The RE450 is a piece of cake to setup, especially if your router supports WPS. All you need to do is plug it in close to your router, wait for the power light to turn blue and then simultaneously press the WPS button on both the extender and router. Once the LED light changes from flashing to solid blue, you’re connected.

This is the method we used for installing the AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender with Gigabit Ethernet Port (RE450) and it took us roughly two minutes in total to get connected.

If you don’t have a router with a WPS button you can still easily set up the extender by using a wireless device (like your laptop or phone) and visit in your browser. You’ll be taken to the setup page, where you can scan and choose the available WiFi network you want to extend.

AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender with Gigabit Ethernet Port (RE450) consistently delivered excellent performance when tested during our compilation of the Top Ten improbable WiFi Range Extender 2018 list. We tested the extender over 25ft, 50ft and 75ft in previously unreachable areas both inside and outside, and found that, even at 75ft, the WiFi connection was impressively high for the distance.

It also delivered some of the highest speeds at those distances that we found during our testing – easily streaming 4K HD Videos on one device at the same time as gaming on another device.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for not only impressive range but also a higher standard of multi-device speed, the TP-Link AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender (RE450) is an excellent choice.
It takes two minutes to setup, delivers consistent, reliable WiFi connection in hard to reach areas, like outdoors, and is perfect for online gaming and HD streaming.

  •  Easy installation
  •  Great range and speed
  •  Large and bulky design
  •  Expensive

NETGEAR AC750 – Fantastic for HD Streaming

NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender EX3700 - Coverage up to 1000...
  • Extended wireless coverage: Adds WiFi range coverage up to 1000 square...
  • AC750 WIFI speed: Provides up to 750Mbps performance using dual band...
  • Universal compatibility: works with any wireless router, gateway, or...
  • Wired Ethernet port: Simply plug in game consoles, streaming players,...
  • Safe & secure: Supports WEP and WPA/WPA2 wireless security protocols

Next up on our list is another excellent range extender from NETGEAR – the NETGEAR AC750 Wi-Fi Range Extender. The AC750 simultaneously uses dual band to reduce interference and with FastLane™ technology, you can use both WiFi bands to establish one super high speed connection.

This makes this Wifi range booster amazing for HD streaming, the Netflix subscribes amongst you may find this feature extremely attractive.

Identical to the NETGEAR N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender, the AC750 Wi-Fi Range Extender EX3700 is compact, simply designed and easy to blend with almost all home interiors. It plugs seamlessly into wall sockets and once set up, you’ll barely even know it’s there!


Installation for the AC750 isn’t quite as simple as the previous model, but set-up is still relatively quick. This extender gives you the option of two WiFi modes – one to extend your existing WiFi connection and one to create a new WiFi access point.

All you have to do is plug in your extender, near your WiFi router and wait for the Power LED to light green. To extend the range of your WiFi network, you have to connect the extender to your existing WiFi network – either by WPS or via web browser setup.

WPS (or WiFi Protected Setup) lets you join a secure WiFi network without having to type the name and password of the WiFi network. This is the method we used when testing the NETGEAR AC750 WiFi Range Extender. You simply press the WPS button on the side panel of the extender and press the WPS button on your router to connect.

The new extended WiFi network name will now show on your WiFi device or computer. It creates two new extended networks, which will be shown as your existing WiFi network name plus _2GEXT and _5GEXT at the end of the name. Once you have connected to the new network, unplug the extender and move it to wherever you require stronger WiFi signal.

Again, you will notice an immediate difference after you install the AC750 Extender.
We found this extender provided even better streaming than the NETGEAR N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender, Essentials Edition (EX2700) – especially when it comes to online gaming and HD Video streaming.

The range worked exactly the same as the previous model – extending WiFi signal to corners of the house that were previously WiFi “dead zones” but by using both bands instead of one, we were able to create a super speed connection.

As we said at the start, it’s WiFi Range Extenders aren’t a “one-size-fits-all” kind of a purchase. If you specifically want a super-speed connection and don’t mind paying that little bit extra, it would make sense to purchase the NETGEAR AC750 WiFi Range Extender (EX3700-100NAS) over the slightly cheaper NETGEAR N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender, Essentials Edition (EX2700).

  •  Small, compact design
  •  Good value-for-money
  •  Great range and speed
  •  Slightly more complicated set-up/installation

NETGEAR N300 EX2700 – Superior Budget WiFi Range Extender

NETGEAR N300 WiFi Range Extender (EX2700) (Renewed)
  • Ideal for extending WiFi to devices like the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy...
  • Extend WiFi up to 300Mbps. WiFi Band : 2.4 GHz.We recommend that you...
  • Convenient wall-plug design.System Requirements:802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz...
  • Works with any standard router or gateway.Water Outlet Diameter : 0.6...

In at number four on our list is the N300 EX2700. This is one of four of their products to make it onto our top ten list, showing just how good their networking technology really is.

The NETGEAR N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender, Essentials Edition (EX2700) earned its place on this Top 10 list for several reasons, and we’ll take a look at each of these in detail below.

The EX2700 was designed to fit easily into any room or space in your home. It’s compact and simple white design was specifically created to blend seamlessly with any décor, discreetly providing WiFi extension wherever you need it. The small extender plugs into wall outlets, and is barely noticeable…until you notice a stronger WiFi signal.


Setting up the EX2700 only takes minutes, and comes with clear and easy instructions to follow. Simply plug the EX2700 into a power outlet and wait for the power LED Image to become solid green, use any WiFi device – like your smartphone or laptop – and connect to your extender wireless network. Once your WiFi device is connected to the extender, the device LED image will turn on.

After this, you simply visit and click on the New Extender Setup, where you Click New Extender Setup, create an account and then select the WiFi network you wish to extend. That’s it!

You will notice a difference immediately after installation with the N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender. When connecting via Ethernet, the performance is excellent – delivering exactly the same connection as you get directly next to your router. Connecting wirelessly, you can expect areas of your home that previously only picked up two or three bars to reach up to five.

We tested the extender in a house with two floors, with the router on the ground floor, and where previously the upper floor had extremely poor connection. The WiFi speed on the upper floor changed to almost identically as fast as downstairs after installing the N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender. It worked incredibly well on both handheld devices, such as a smartphone and tablet, and particularly improved the connection of a Smart TV in what was a previous WiFi dead zone upstairs.

This extender is by far the best value-for-money range extender we tested during the complication of our list. It’s quick and easy to set up, is barely noticeable when plugged in and provided excellent range and speed in areas that were previously not receiving WiFi at all. It’s perfect for larger houses with more than one floor and provides strong WiFi connections on your handheld devices as you move.

  • Great value-for-money
  •  Good WiFi connection range and speed
  •  Small and discreet
  • Speed isn’t as impressive as range

TP-Link AC1200 Wi-Fi Range Extender w/ Gigabit Ethernet Port (RE355)

TP-Link AC1200 Wireless Wi-Fi Gigabit Router (Archer C5)
  • Supports 802.11ac, the next generation of Wi-Fi
  • 1.2Gbps of total available bandwidth
  • Simultaneous dual band networks, 2.4GHz (300Mbps) and 5GHz (867Mbps)
  • Two external dual band antennas for faster, more reliable wireless...
  • Dual USB ports to easily share printers, files, and media across your...

Our next range extender on this buyer’s guide is the TP-Link’s AC1200. This extender easily connects to your router wirelessly, strengthening and expanding the signal into areas it can’t reach on its own. It also reduces signal interference to ensure reliable coverage throughout your home or office.

The three high-gain antennas boost your wireless coverage up to 10,000 square feet, and a Gigabit Ethernet port makes it easy to connect a wired device to WiFi.

The AC2100 is almost identical in design to the AC1750 – with its three grey antennas and glossy white box. It is slightly bigger and longer than some of the other extenders but it still plugs easily into any power wall socket.


The range extender works with any WiFi router or access point and is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0, Firefox 20, Safari 5.1, and Google Chrome 25.0 browsers or higher. You can easily install and manage your WiFi through the free TP-LINK Tether app – available for both Android and iOS. Simply plug in into a socket near your current router, join the wireless network from the TP-Link Wi-fi Range Extender and login to the TP-Link R.E. website. From here, it’s easy to search for your current WiFi network name and login with your password, before the extender reboots. After this is setup, you can move the extender to anywhere in your home that needs a WiFi boost.

We tested the TP-Link AC1200 Wi-Fi Range Extender w/ Gigabit Ethernet Port (RE355) in a home with several WiFi dead spots and found that it extended the range well, even into particularly bad connection corners. As with TP-Link’s other AC1750 (at No. 2 on our Top Ten first-rate WiFi Range Extender 2018 list) we tested the extender over 25ft, 50ft and 75ft in previously unreachable areas both inside and outside, and found that, even at 75ft, the WiFi connection high. It worked very well for video streaming and for connecting a wired Smart TV, but these became slower at a greater distance.

The TP-Link AC1200 Wi-Fi Range Extender w/ Gigabit Ethernet Port (RE355) is a great but slightly more expensive option for solving WiFi black spot problems in your home or office. It’s not the best WiFi Range Extender out there, but it is certainly not the worst.

  •  Easy installation
  •  Good range
  •  Average design
  •  Speed lowers as range extends

Securifi Almond Wireless Router/ Range Extender – Superb for Revolutionary Design

Securifi Almond+ : (3 Minute Setup) Long Range Touchscreen...
  • Amazingly Simple Touchscreen setup that doesn’t require a PC or Mac,...
  • Long Range WiFi upto 5,000 sq.ft using Powerful Amplifiers
  • Multi-Purpose: Router / Range Extender / Wireless Bridge / Access...
  • Remotely Access Router and connected sensors using Almond iOS and...
  • Receive alerts when your doors/windows open or close. Control lights,...

You might have been thinking that, so far, the extenders on our list have all looked and sounded fairly similar. Well, for those who are looking for a range extender that is a little different, look no further! Meet the Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router/Range Extender.

The Almond is a revolutionary device that brings touchscreen to routers and range extenders for the first time. With its dual purpose ability – to either be used as your main router or as an extender for your existing router, the Securifi Almond can be entirely set up and maintained using the device’s touchscreen.

This is not your average, boxy-looking extender. The Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router/Range Extender is sleek, stylish and finished in glossy black. It’s not a router/extender that you’ll want to hide, and with its “Weather” screensaver mode, it’s handy to have on your desk or table.


Of all the range extenders on this list, the Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router/Range Extender is by far the easiest to set up. Installation takes two minutes and is hassle-free, thanks to the touchscreen setup.
Simply connect it to your modem and follow the onscreen instructions…that’s it!

It would be easy to presume that, with all of this focus design and looks, the Almond might not perform as well as some of the other, more tech-focused extenders but that’s simply not the case. As a range extender, it expands the reach of your WiFi impressively well.

Whilst it may not provide the highest speeds in the furthest away spots of your home, when tested it did deliver good range to areas, such as outside and upstairs, that previously had struggled to connect.

For most people who are looking to expand the range of their current WiFi router, the Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router/Range Extender will impress. Its main draw is the super-sleek design and touchscreen setup. For the non-techheads out there, the easy touchscreen installation makes getting that extra range a breeze.

It’s been said that the Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router/Range Extender is a game changer, and we think that sounds about right – they just need to work on improving the speed slightly.

  •  Unique and stylish design
  •  Can be used as both router and range extender
  •  Revolutionary touchscreen setup
  •  Does not provide the highest speeds

TP-Link N300 (TL-WA855RE)

TP-Link N300 WiFi Extender(TL-WA855RE)-Covers Up to 800...
  • Extend WiFi Coverage - Boost Internet WiFi Coverage up to 800 Square...
  • Eliminate WiFi Dead Zones - Enjoy Lag-Free connection to any type of...
  • Stay connected - Expand WiFi coverage for your Smart Phones, Smart TV,...
  • Easy Set Up - Two simple taps and you are ready to connect, smart...
  • Single Band 2.4GHz - Two external Antennas with MIMO technology for...

Up next is our most budget-friendly extender from TP-Link. The N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender (TL-WA855RE) might be cheap, but we still think it is good enough to be number seven on our list.

Despite its small size low price-tag, the TL-WA855RE impressively extends the reach of your router, and supports wireless speeds of up to 300Mbps. It also enables you to connect a device, like a smart TV or game console, to WiFi through its Ethernet port.

This is a very compact extender, with two external antennas (used for faster and more reliable WiFi) and not much in the way of design to talk about. The small, white box blends easily with power wall sockets where it plugs in and is easy to move should you want to change its location.

The initial setup for the TL-WA855RE is very straightforward. Described by TP-Link as the “Easy Two Touch Setup” simply press the WPS button on your router and the Range Extender button on the TL-WA855RE. You connect the extender using a wireless device and the access the interface, where you are prompted to create a username and password before you connect to the wireless signal you want to extend.

Realistically, for this low a price, you are not going to get the fastest speed range extender. What the TL-WA855RE does give you is a great extended range of WiFi connection. We tested it in a house with two main “dead zones” – the room that is furthest away from the main router and an outside patio area. These spots had previously been complete WiFi blackout zones, and connection on handheld devices was particularly poor.

After installing the TL-WA855RE, both of these areas improved drastically, getting four (and occasionally five) bars – up on two to three bars in the past. We did note that the speed of connection still wasn’t all that strong, but as we said earlier, for this price you are not expecting miracles!

We really respect the TL-WA855RE and think it’s an excellent choice for people who want to solve their WiFi connection issues in particular areas of their home, without spending a huge amount of cash. If you need a reliable connection, it works consistently…just don’t expect it to always be the quickest.

  •  Lowest price extender on our top-notch WiFi Range Extender 2019 Buyer’s Guide
  •  Compact design, blends easily into home
  •  Provides good range and connection in hard to reach areas
  •  Slower speed connection
  •  Not suitable for high speed streaming

MSRM US750 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender

WiFi Extender,Seriud Extender, WiFi Booster WiFi Range...
  • 【EXCELLENT QUALCOMM CORE CHIP SCHEME】 - Seriud WN300 WiFi extender...
  • 【MUTIPLE FUNCTIONS】 - Repeater Mode- Extend WiFi coverage of an...
  • 【SUPER SIMPLE INSTALLATION】 - Seriud exclusive intelligent...

The MSRM US750 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender is another small and discreet extender, which is particularly great for wall-through WiFi Extension. It also has a Dual CPU to provide the most stable WiFi signal and the fastest speed – up to 750Mbps.

The range extender itself is very small and compact, and would be easy to blend into any home if it wasn’t for the two particularly long antennas. The other small-sized extenders we have looked at are also mainly white (and therefore easily blend with most standard power wall sockets) but the MSRM US750 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender is black, meaning it is more difficult to place it somewhere it won’t stand out.

The MSRM US750 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender is quick and easy to set up. We had ours up and connected within five minutes, without any issue. It’s not the easiest product to get online support for so we recommend following the simple on-box instructions, rather than trying to find a manual or guide online for installation.

Out of all the extenders on our noble WiFi Range Extender 2018 list, we found that the MSRM US750 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender was the most impressive for “through-wall” connection extension. Even some of the top extenders struggle with particularly old, thick or solid walls, but thanks to the large antennas and the built-in Dual Realtek Chipset on the MSRM, it had no problem whatsoever.

It also delivered impressive speed and was great for online gaming and video streaming.

We really rate this small, mid-budget WiFi Range Extender. The MSRM US750 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender is easy to set up, provides great range and would be the perfect option for anyone who has had trouble getting a good connection through solid walls in the past.

  •  Great connection range, even through walls
  •  High speed at distance
  •  Not easy to hide design
  •  More expensive than other similar range extenders


NETGEAR N300 Wall Plug Version Wi-Fi Range Extender...
  • Ideal for extending WiFi to devices like the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy...
  • Extends wireless coverage, universal compatibility. Reduce mobile data...
  • Easy to install - no CD required. TCP/IP, DHCP server and client, DNS...
  • Fast Ethernet port to connect home A/V devices to the network ; WiFi...
  • Smart LED indicators helps find the best location for optimal WiFi...

NETGEAR’s fourth appearance on our list, the N300 Wall Plug Version WiFi Range Extender (WN3000RP) works with any router and provides connection to corners of your house or office that were previously WiFi black zones. With external antennas to provide even better connection at up to 300Mbps and a fast Ethernet Port to connect wired devices like Blu-ray® players, this is a great, mid-range extender.

The N300 WN3000RP is small and conveniently sized, easily fitting into any wall socket and designed to still allow the second socket to be used for other purposed. Its two antennas and white finish make it one of the more stylish looking of the small range extenders.

The N300 WN3000RP is easy to setup and connect to your existing network. You can do this via WPS (if your router is WPS ready) or online. We were connected and ready to go within a few minutes by simply plugging the router into a power socket, pressing the WPS button on the extender and the WPS button on the router. When the WPS LED light turns to solid green, you’re done! We then moved the extender roughly half way between the router and the WiFi “dead zone” to optimize the connection.

On testing, we found the N300 WN3000RP worked well at extending the range of connection but that the speed wasn’t particularly great. When tried in a two storey house with the main router on the ground floor, the previously “dead” WiFi areas upstairs were greatly improved but when we tested HD streaming, the speed was particularly poor.

This is a great, mid-range priced range extender for those who are simply looking to rid the house of any rooms where the WiFi couldn’t reach before. If you are after seamless online streaming or high WiFi speeds, this probably isn’t the right extender for you.

  •  Convenient design
  •  Good range
  •  Slow speed

AMAKE Wifi Repeater – Famous Quick Connection Repeater

If you haven’t heard of AMAKE before, you’re not alone. AMAKE isn’t the excellent know brand in the world for range extenders but we felt like this low-budget offering was deserving of a place on our Top Ten list.

It’s the second cheapest – after the TP-Link N300 WA855RE on this buyer’s guide, but just like TP-Link’s N300 WA855RE, it might be small but it packs a serious punch for its size and price.

The small, white and black range extender is a little outdated looking compared to some of the other offerings on this list. It’s compact and can be easily plugged into any socket, and it doesn’t have any visible antennas, which makes it less “techy” looking than most extenders.

Initially, the setup was a little complicated…but it was mainly due to the instructions being written by someone who clearly did not have English as a first language. Luckily, it was easy to find clear instructions online and after plugging in the AMAKE, we used a smartphone to connect to “Wi-Fi Repeater” and typed into the browser.

You’ll then be prompted to enter a username and password and then click on “Repeater” before selecting your exiting WiFi network name and pressing “Apply”. It’s then a case of changing the extender’s SSID and Security Key to match the SSID and password of your current WiFi network.

The AMAKE Wifi Repeater does exactly what it says on the tin…and nothing more.
It will extend your current WiFi range and provide connection in areas that your standard router just isn’t able to reach…but it has a habit of dropping that connection if you move a lot – making it not the best choice for smartphones, tablets or using it on the move around the house.

If a cheap, quick fix sounds appealing, the AMAKE Range Extender is probably for you. For anything more than a basic WiFi connection extension, we would recommend you opt for one of the slightly more expensive models.

  •  Great price
  •  Basic WiFi extension
  •  Connection drops out when used on handheld devices
  •  Outdated design

What is the best WiFi extender for home use?

You must have heard this phrase before. In particular, we’re going to talk about how you can improve your wire experience by means of an extender. Now in case you don’t know what a Wifi extender is, it’s basically a small device that you plug into a power outlet. It then picks up the signal from your router and well extends it almost as if you had another router only more affordable and with fewer cables. Now before we get to the actual extenders of which there will be a grand total of 15 we’d like to talk a bit more about Huxton dysfunction just because they aren’t for everyone.

It’s important to keep in mind that a Wifi extender is only extending the reach of the signal your router is transmitted. Just like the name of place is. The point here is that an extender won’t make your wifi faster if you have a lousy router, it can’t make something out of nothing. So if you’re suffering from poor wifi speed and unstable signal, and when you aren’t all that far away from the router than investing in a new router will be a much better idea. Luckily for you, we’ve made a whole review where we showcase the best routers for 2019 so check out the link. It’s also worth pointing out that you don’t want to overspend on an extender that’s disproportionately powerful compared to your router. If you have a single band router, buying a dual band extender isn’t really the best idea.

It’ll still work, but it won’t work to the best of its ability. In gaming terms, this would be like bottle-necking or like having 144 Hertz, 4k monitor and the GTX 1050 it doesn’t matter that you want it or can handle 40 gaming at higher fps. Your gaming at 10 ADP on a 30th chef. Yes. And that’s that. Lastly, let’s talk about why your wire by signal may be bad even if the router is good. But in another room, a wifi signal is basically just a transmission of radio waves. They may be invisible, but anything and everything that stands in their weight is an obstruction and thick walls in particular are their Kryptonite. So for having trouble picking up a single from two rooms over, try positioning your router differently perhaps so that it’s closer to the door. This may fix your problem without you ever had him to open your wallet. But if you have a large house or even just a long house than an extender is just what you need.

Now since these are fairly simple products and that there isn’t really a whole lot to say about each and every one, we have decided to group them in threes. This way you can reasonably cover no fewer than 15 extenders without the review being very long. So for our first grouping, we give you the best budget wifi extenders. We have the TP link ac 750 which is actually a dual band Wi-fi extender, despite its humble price of around $30 what’s more, it even features a dedicated high-speed mode that’s excellent for gaming and HD streaming. Although the feature we like the most about this extended is the Handi led light indicator that shows you the strength of the signal it’s receiving this way. Finding the ideal position for the extender isn’t a tedious guesswork game. It consists mostly of trial and error and lastly, it’s backwards compatible.

So if you aren’t really tech savvy and you just want an extender that works, you can’t go wrong with the TP link ac SevenFifty still while all of these features are definitely nice, if you want the most affordable solution than look no further than the Emmy CEO extender Grennan, it can compare to the AC seven 50 in terms of performance with only a single frequency band, but at the low price of just over $10 we can’t really see this as a problem. What this extended does offer, however, is the very compact size and a WPS button. It’s sure to be a lifesaver if you ever forget your password. As for the password, you will want to change it since the default password is publicly available. And for our last budget entry we gave you the net gear and 300 this is also a great solution if you’re on a budget, very close in price to the TP link extender, but with different features. For example, it’s a single band extender. However it does support speeds of up to 300 megabits per second, which is even enough to stream in Fourcade, so that’s not the biggest issue. It also has an Ethernet port so you can give your PC a more stable connection without having to extend what’s essentially a trip wire throughout your home. Plus net gear has an app that lets you not only monitor the signal strength but also customize your connection in many ways.

Now for our next group of extenders, we’ll be focusing on ones that prioritize distance over everything else. Starting with the solution by tp link. This time, it’s their AC 1750 dual band extender that gets the spotlight and with three full down on Tenas, it’s easy to see why this would excel. When it comes to distance, it can cover an area of around 10,000 square feet or those of you whose picked metric, this is about 900 square meters, so it basically gives you 30 meters of extra wiggle room for your signal. There’s an Ethan evenness poured for added measure and you can also download the TP link app to get detailed information on your connection. Next up is a somewhat more basic and more affordable solution by ready the AC 1200 this is also a dual band extender only with no fewer than four movable in tennis and it has two ethernet ports so you can both connect to wired lens and create new wireless networks.

Also, it can be set up either manually through the browser or with the OneTouch WPS button, so while it may not come with many extra features, the karate ac 1200 is a contender at a very reasonable price. The same though, can’t be said for the net gear ac 1200 this is one impressive dual band extender if even its own dual core processor that helps enhance your wifi performance. We can also see based on the four ethernet ports that this extender is meant for people with complex computing setups. This makes it a rather niche product that we can recommend for everyone, but those who need it won’t mind the steep price of just under a hundred dollars it’s well worth it.

Now, even the budget solutions we’ve showcased, we’ll do the job just fine, but if you’re looking for the best performance and additional functionality, you’ll of course need to cough up a little bit of extra cash. Rest assured though that this money will not be wasted. The netgear nighthawk x for AC 2100 for example, costs of good $150 at full price with the maximum internet speed of 2100 megabits per second. It’s got enough juice to stream video and 4k to 10 devices at the same time. This extender also has the benefit of using amplifiers and signal boosting software that make your connection faster and more reliable than an other wise would be. Add to that the fact that it can either be used to connect to an existing network or create a new one and you’ve got yourself a real heavyweight champ. You don’t need to this shadow $150 to get great performance.

The lynxs AC 1200 offers it for a bad pump that sure it’s not as fast as the nighthawk, but it does have some cool tricks of its own. For example, it uses both frequency bands to create a brand new one, one which has all the benefits of both with none of the downside, so overall you’ll be getting a foster and more stable connection than what most regular dual band extenders have to offer. Plus, it has a dedicated feature for streaming music that allows you to connect to an external speaker for better audio quality. We can’t even call this a niche feature because let’s be real there. It doesn’t like music, but if you want an extender that’s still numbers among premium models without breaking the bank, we suggest the action tech WCB 3000 and oh one it looks more like a ruder than an extender and with dual band antennas, Ethernet ports, and even a coaxial input, it can act the part pretty well. It also has an app that lets you monitor and manage your network on the fly whenever you so desire and the WPS button makes connecting any device of breeze. Now it may not have any other hidden features, but it does have something that might be even better customer support that’s available 24×7 and where do we go from here? If the third group already covered premium solutions, why we go outside, of course, after all, Wifi isn’t just something that you want to enjoy from the comfort of your living room. It can also be enjoyed from the comfort of your lawn chair or by the backyard pool or hot tub, but you can’t install just any extended outside at the mercy of the elements. You need a special weatherproof extender for this, which is where these three come in. First up we have the think mart, a dual band model with a maximum transmission rate of 1.5 kilometers. Just keep in mind at any and all obstructions will decrease the effective range of this extender, but it’ll still be absolutely massive. It’s also one of the most versatile devices on this list as it can function as a standalone router, an amplified repeater, or even a new access point.

Plus you can mount it to high walls for the most optimal signal coverage. The Sky really is the limit with a think bart and best of all, it’s completely backwards compatible, so you won’t need to upgrade anything before you can get your extended to work on. If you thought that, think bard has a ludicrous range, then buckle up because the Ubiquiti Nano station loco m to makes it seem downright diminutive with its three mile range, which translates to just short a five kilometers. However, there is a catch. This is a single band directional transmitter. Slash. Receiver. Now, what this means is that this product receives a signal, which it then transmits in a straight line for up to three months. Of course, any and all obstructions will reduce through range, but with three miles total, that shouldn’t really be a problem overall. It’s definitely way more niche than the think mark since it’s mostly is to send wifi signals to another building, but it definitely deserves its spot on this list and ask for a last outdoor extender.

We’ve decided to showcase something affordable, so naturally the ava comic Stender is the best pick. It’s a bit larger than most extenders, but hey, you’ll be mounting it outside anyway, so we’re sure there’s room to spare. Also, the bigger panel is actually ideal since if we’ll receive a strong and healthy signal. Again, this is strictly a 2.4 gigahertz extender, but given the low price, we don’t think anyone’s going to complain about this. Other than that, there really isn’t that much to say about the ava comic Stender, but then again, we don’t feel that we need to say anything more. It works great and it’s rather inexpensive. What more could you want.

And finally we have three senders to showcase, which are perfect for when you need to set up a complex network. These three models can adapt to such harsh conditions without any problems, and in fact they even thrive in them. First up is the Linksys AC 1200 Max. This dual band extender will automatically manage your traffic across both frequency bands to maximize data transfer. What’s more, if we’ll work with any standard router or gateway, so if you need a relatively affordable office extender, that many users will be connected to simultaneously. The Linksys AC 1200 Max is an excellent choice. Most importantly, it’s very convenient with both a one-touch WPS button for easy connecting and an led indicator light that’ll let you know where it’s best to place it. Similar to this is the TPL link AC 1900 it’s faster and a bit more expensive, but the best thing about it is the dual port processor that takes care of all the tropic for you so you can have a great hassle free experience.

Most importantly, none of the handy features of the Linksys AC 1200 Max are lost in it. Like the WPS button, the led light that indicates signal strength. So if there’s room in your budget for something more powerful than Linksys ac 1200 Max, the TP link AC 1900 is the way to go. And now for our final entry, we have something truly unique. The netgear power line, it may look like many other extenders we’ve already featured, but the power line is different in that it actually uses your home’s electrical wiring to extend your network, meaning that the signal it gives off should be as stable as the one provided by your router. You just need to plug or one unit into your rudder and the other into a power outlet somewhere in your home and you’ll be set. There isn’t an extender more efficient at combating the interference of thick walls on this list. And not only will your wireless devices be getting the full thousand megabits deal anywhere in the house, but there’s also a single ethernet port on the extenders who can provide a true wired level Internet connection to PC without having to bother with them.

The Great WiFi extenders you can buy today

Unless you live in a smaller house or apartment, chances are you have a dark corner of internetless space in your home. It’s OK, it happens to the best of us. There are a few options available to you to address this concern. One emerging solution is a mesh network — a series of devices that all work together to blanket your home in WiFi. Another solution is to use a WiFi extender.

Incredible WiFi Range Extenders – Buyers Guide

There are a huge number of different brands and models on the market, which can sometimes make finding the Best Range Extender for you a bit of a daunting task. That’s where lists like this are extremely handy.

This list was carefully compiled after hours of research and testing dozens of WiFi Range Extenders – whilst keeping in mind all of the important factors that go into choosing a product – such as budget, use and style.

We hope that this list will help you to choose the best extender for you, whatever your budget and requirements are. We believe we have included a model for everyone – from the cheapest – to some of the most expensive range extenders.

What to Look for in a Wi-Fi Extender

There are tons of wireless extenders on the market, but not all of them are created equal. Here’s what we think makes a range extender worth your money.

802.11ac and Dual-Band Wi-Fi

To really get the most out of your Wi-Fi extender, make sure you get one that supports a modern wireless standard.

The current go-to is 802.11ac, which offers great range and supports speeds up to 1,300 Mbps. Even budget routers and extenders should come with 802.11ac these days, so there’s really no reason to accept anything less.

And for best results, make sure your extender supports both the 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz wireless band—this helps it handle heavy traffic better.

A WPS Button

WPS, or Wi-Fi protected setup, makes it easy to add new devices to your network. You just push the WPS button on your router, and as long as you access it within a certain time period, you won’t need to input the password.

This can make getting onto the network a bit more convenient and may allow you to use a stronger password (since you won’t have to remember it).

The feature is really only useful if you frequently add new devices to the network, though, and it’s more of a convenience than a truly vital addition. Think of it as a nice bonus that can act as a tiebreaker if you’re stuck between a couple options.

Do You Want a Traditional Extender or a Powerline Adapter?

There are two types of Wi-Fi extenders on the market: 1) the traditional kind that connects to your router via Wi-Fi like any other device, and 2) powerline adapters.

Powerline adapters consist of two adapters rather than just one. One of the adapters plugs in near your main router and connects via Ethernet cable. It then sends the internet signal through the electrical lines of your home to the other adapter, which you can plug in anywhere you like.

The advantage of a powerline adapter is that it lets you place the extender as far away from your main router as you like without losing signal strength, whereas traditional extenders need to be within a certain range to get the best results.

This means you can (in theory) get more range out of a powerline adapter.

The disadvantage of a powerline adapter is that the signal depends on the integrity of your electrical wiring, which can sometimes be finicky, especially in older homes.

Neither option is necessarily better than the other. There’s really no way to know if a powerline adapter will work well in your home without trying, either. So if you do go for one of these, first make sure you can return it just in case it doesn’t work out.

Buying Considerations

The first consideration is what exactly your issue is. The words range extender are used to describe three types of device – repeaters, boosters and extenders. A booster will attach to the router and help boost a weak WIFI signal. Repeaters and extenders are essentially the same device. They plug into the wall and relay the signal, increasing the area it reaches, and helping the signal through any heavy obstructions like thick walls.

If your WIFI signal is generally weak, then a range extender probably won’t help. If your WIFI signal gets weaker depending on how far you are from the router, and all other issues are resolved, then a repeater or extender could probably help.

Remember that everyone’s needs are different and choosing the right WiFi Range Extender for you will, in the end, come down to personal taste. You might decide that money is the deciding factor, or that you need speed over vast range. Whatever you decide, we hope that this has helped and will act as a sold guide for determining your next range extender.


As a general rule devices made by the same manufacture tend to interact a little better than devices made by different manufacturers. Although, this is a general guideline, and not a hard and fast rule. The WIFI standard in your home and office will have some effect on this as well. Although, you should check the range of extenders offered by the manufacturer of your router to see if any of them fit your requirements and needs.

Which Outdoor WiFi Range Extender is Right for You?

While these devices may all be sold under the same name, they are actually quite different in functionality. The choice boils down to two options: your current network, and the area you’d like to cover.

The EnGenius Long Range ENS202EXT is the best choice if you’re connecting to an existing commercial grade network. Although the setup is a little more complex, it adheres to all networking standards and supports the proper security systems. You don’t want your wireless network to be a security risk, and you don’t want to have to replace any of your existing hardware. For those reasons, this is an excellent choice.

If you’re looking for simplicity, the Ubiquiti UniFi AP Outdoor+ is the perfect option. This WiFi extender adopts network settings from the router it’s connected to, making setup a breeze. There are a few custom features available if you need them, such as a pay-to-use access point control software. But the entire platform is designed for simplicity, so you can set it up yourself.

Both of the above extenders broadcast your wireless network in 360 degrees around the antennas. But if you want higher bandwidth coverage in a specific direction, the TP-Link CPE510 is for you. This impressive piece of hardware offers a lot more than your typical extender, with one of the most customizable feature sets we’ve come across. If you’re really struggling to get your internet to work the way you want, this is the extender you need.

FAQs about Wi-Fi Extenders

Where is the best place to put a Wi-Fi extender?

You want to place your extender about halfway between your main router and the area where you want to boost the signal.

Too far from the router and the signal to the extender will be weak, but too far from the target area and the signal there will be weak.

If you can’t get it close to the middle, you may have to play with the location a bit to find the sweet spot. If in doubt, start closer to the dead spot and then move it towards the router if you don’t see the expected results.

Do Wi-Fi extenders increase speed?

Yes and no. A Wi-Fi extender can’t make your internet connection any faster than the plan you have from your ISP. But if you have significant weak or dead spots in your home, an extender can make the connection in those areas faster by making the signal stronger.

Can I connect two Wi-Fi extenders?

You can connect two extenders to your main router, but generally connecting one extender to another will give you poor results.

If a standard Wi-Fi extender isn’t giving the results you need, you might want to look into a long-range router or mesh network system, which combines multiple access points into one network and has a similar effect to a Wi-Fi extender.

These systems aren’t cheap, but they may offer better results.


Struggling with poor WiFi signal? Tired of shifting around the house trying to find the strongest WiFi hotspot? If so, you are certainly in need of the best WiFi extender. The constant struggle with network coverage in our homes or offices can be incredibly frustrating, especially with the various responsibilities we hold and the duties we have to perform. This and many more reasons are why we all need a WiFi extender.

Be it in the comfort of your home or office, WiFi extenders are smart home devices that help increase your network signals around your preferred space. The extenders listed below are great performing units that won’t have you breaking the bank. Welcome to the only article that describes some of the best WiFi extenders currently on the market in detail, giving you all their highs and lows, leaving no secret in the dark. For 2019’s list of the best Wifi extenders, keep reading.