How To Choose The Perfect Gaming Laptop

Gaming is an extremely popular past time for children, teenagers and young adults. Gaming is the playing of electronic games whether it be on devices such as the Playstation, the Xbox or a personal gaming computer. This past time is usually performed regularly and is often played online to allow the gamer to communicate and show their skills against another like minded individuals.

There are many thing to take into consideration when selecting the perfect gaming laptop.
The experience has to be the best possible experience for you, nobody else.

How to Buy the Right Gaming Laptop: A Guide for 2019

How To Choose The Perfect Gaming Laptop


It is always best to decide straight from the start what kind of money you want to spend and what your maximum spend limit is. Your budget will determine what kind of components you will be able to afford. Decide on your budget first and the decision of how to use the money for each component can be made. Don’t make the mistake of rushing out and buying the first components that tickle your fancy. The perfect gaming system takes time to put together.

Game Play

The types of games you play does have a significant effect on the type of gaming computer you need to purchase. The games you play will determine the speed of the computer you need as well as the what kind of graphics card will be suitable.

Game Graphics

Graphics are an important aspect when it comes to gaming. This is a hobby you part take in every day using games that require definition to the graphics. There is really no use buying a graphics setup carrying a hefty price tag if the display being used is outdated and won’t allow you to fully experience the wonder of the graphics card. The display you select should have excellent image quality and frame rate.

CPU and Cooling

How To Choose The Perfect Gaming LaptopA computer used solely for gaming does not have to be a 6 core system, this is way more than needed for gaming only. Ask questions and do research. Rather hold back on spending the most of your budget on a CPU that you don’t really need to run the games and spend some of that money on other features like the graphics card for instance which will enhance your playing pleasure.


Memory allows you to run bigger and better graphics cards if your system warrants it. You are able to run and play bigger games. A smaller memory can make larger games lag and function slowly and you will not experience the full effects and pleasure. Larger memory capacity will allow you to take part in online gaming.


The larger the games you play and obviously the more variety you play will affect the storage capacity needed for a gaming laptop. Games are large in capacity and each one uses tremendous amounts of space on your hard drive. Remember some of the games played are not completed over a short period of 2 or 3 days, they are played long term and all the gaming time needs to be saved.


How To Choose The Perfect Gaming LaptopRunning and playing games on your laptop, along with all the additional extras, draws a lot of power from the system as a whole. A small power supply may lead to you overloading your system and your games lagging.


The motherboard is the “brains” of the computer. When choosing a motherboard for your system always ensure that there are ample USB ports. It must support the CPU and memory speeds you desire to be run on your system. If you are looking to overclock your system, you must ensure that the motherboard supports all the settings you need in the BIOS.

Input and Control

A good gaming mouse and keyboard allow for efficient and quick gaming action. Connect these to your laptop for better game play. Selecting wireless options usually offers excellent performance but can be very pricey. The cheaper, tethered version often offer the same high performance but at a fraction of the price. Connect to other devices via your laptop. Connecting to devices like the XBox is very simple through the addition of a wireless gaming receiver. There are many other items that can be added to your system to increase gaming pleasure such as a gamepad or joystick. Many people prefer to use a joystick for movements rather than the computer keys or the normal button type controllers.

Audio and Communications

How To Choose The Perfect Gaming LaptopSound and audio during the gaming experience is as important as the visual graphics. If 3D virtualization software is being used, this can activate all kinds of amazing audio through the use of stereo speakers and headsets. Enhance your gaming experience. We’ve all watched excellent movies that have amazing graphics and audio. When we turn the audio off, the movie doesn’t seem all that grand. The same goes for gaming, you need the full experience with sound and visual to truly appreciate what gaming has to offer.


If you are really a gaming buff and often play online against other gamers, it is always a great idea to get a good quality headset with a quality microphone as well as offer that amazing 3D sound. The headset itself should sit comfortably on your head for ease and enjoyment.


Gaming certainly has the ability to transport you to a whole new world where you become part of the game. Your system and the components you select can either enhance your gaming pleasure to new heights or offer you a mediocre experience. Choose wisely, ask questions directed at the professionals or even your gaming friends who have experience in hardware, research and shop around. Perhaps visit stores where different systems are set up and give them a trial until you find something that is perfect for you. How to choose the best gaming laptop is really a personal choice. Not everybody will have the same requirements and not everybody plays the same games. Take all these things into consideration and then go wild. Building or buying the perfect gaming laptop can be so easy if you follow the basic guidelines. Find the perfect system to offer you, the gamer, enhanced, engaging, mesmerizing game time but please do remember, there is a world out there.