When It’s Time To Replace My Laptop BatteryBest Pro gamers buy gaming laptops because they want to be mobile, and battery issues can get in the way of a laptop’s portability. These issues may definitely require replacing the laptop battery, but some issues it is not the case. Troubleshooting is the first best step when you observe any battery-related issue in your laptop. You should be aware too that there are various practices that help extend the life of the laptop battery you already have.

Here I have four specific signs that indeed can help you know it is the opportune time to replace your laptop battery


Do you experience short times of using your laptop as it goes off due to power before the next recharge? After recharging what time does it take you before you charge it again (how frequently)? If so, then your laptop battery performance is slipping and it is time to replace it.


While chances are the vast majority won’t monitor every single time they charge their laptop, it’s not hard to think of an unpleasant evaluation. Just take the normal number of times you charge your laptop every week and multiply it by the quantity of weeks you’ve been utilizing the battery. On the off chance that that number ends up being more prominent than 400, it would appear that it’s a great opportunity to begin hunting down another battery.


It’s a reality; all rechargeable batteries wear out with time and use. For the run of the mill client, perceptible lessening in run time by and large will be seen following 18 to 24 months. The more you utilize your laptop, the sooner you’ll begin to see a plunge in the execution of its battery.

Remember this once you’ve been utilizing a specific tablet battery longer than a year and a half. In the event that it simply isn’t performing like it used to, you know it’s the ideal opportunity for another one.


Every laptop comes with its own Battery Check utility that will be able to inform you it the time for you to replace your battery.

When the storage capacity state reaches a “Low” state it is very clear indication of yes, it is the time to replace your laptop battery

Here is the procedure on How to generate a battery report using check utility in Windows

· When your computer is powered Launch the Command Prompt in your laptop

· Type powercfg /batteryreport in the Command Prompt and hit enter. You’ll see a message letting you know a file was saved.

· Move to your saved folder where you find that Battery Report file and open it in a browser and double-click the file

There’re many things to understand from this battery report, like your battery’s capacity history (how it depletes over the time) and an analysis report for the last three charge cycles. But for our purposes which are to know when to replace the battery, the most important metric is the Full Capacity versus the Design Charge Capacity.

For you to understand, the Design Capacity is what amount of power that your laptop was able to hold when you bought and unboxed it for the first time use. Full Charge Capacity is what amount of power that your laptop is able to hold now in its current state. For example, the laptop I’m using to type now, has 45,060 mWh as its Design Capacity while it has 38,060 mWh in its Full Charge Capacity now.

To me, this depletion is still within my tolerable zones. But I should advise you if after comparing the two and find out that your Full Charge Capacity is far much lower than the Design Capacity , you should be fast diagnosed why the big difference and if possibly it is the opportune time to replace your battery.

Here are some tips I will offer for extending the lifespan of your laptop battery since we are all aware that any replacement drags in its costs (replacement costs). Therefore, as for many readers like you, this information is very valuable to maintain an extended lifespan of a laptop battery

The following explains and describes how to, according to the common battery types if find available.

1. Lithium-ion battery type

Lithium ion or Lion batteries are the ones I find most common. it has features like an extremely fast charge time the main being a long battery life and a superior performance. Lithium batteries are very much prone to overcharging so I advise that it is important to charge them using only the manufacturers charging cables and once fully charged unplug them. Do not leave them charging for long periods.

2.Nickel Cadmium battery type

Nickel cadmium batteries also known as NiCad batteries have a feature of a fairly long battery life as it is for the above, but they are the less expensive battery option. nickel cadmium laptop batteries have Some environmental issues with make them a less popular choice. Fully charge a NiCad battery, and then use to failure and then repeatedly charge again to ensure a longer future battery life.

3 Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery Type

Nickel-metal hydride batteries also known as NiMH batteries, are similar to NiCad batteries discussed above but have greater and longer lasting overall power output. These batteries do not have the toxic environmental issues associated with NiCad batteries. Therefore, charging them and then using them to failure, and then recharging them again has a positive impact on the overall battery life.

To conclude, it being undebatable that the most obvious sign that it is the time your laptop battery is replaced, is when it is totally dead and unable to be charged

In the above discussion then, it is worth paying attention to the indicators sited above as they will help prevent ever having to reach that point of replacement very fast. If one or any of the above applies to your laptop battery, you may find that it is the time to start looking for a replacement as soon as possible.

Also, I advise knowing what type of laptop battery they have by looking the battery writings on it. That way, you’ll know the product number and battery type of your laptop the I recommend using the eBay to have your replacement battery.